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Guy doing a Tophatter ReviewHere’s my Tophatter review. This is by far the coolest looking auction site I have ever seen. It’s obvious that they’ve spent an enormous amount of time and money to create a user interface that is completely different from anything else on the internet. You enter one of their online auctions as an avatar that looks something like a cartoon character from South Park. The room is filled with others like you including an auctioneer. In the upper right of the screen photos of the item up for sale rotate with the current bid underneath. It’s fun without being overly gimmicky. But fun and business are often tricky to combine effectively. Is Tophatter able to pull it off?

The Tophatter Review

After looking around the site I could see that there are quite a few active bidders.  I went and watched several auctions and the rooms were always full. Everyone in the room is able to talk with the seller via a chat section under the auction scene. There was a lot of chatter going on. Some of the items only got one or two bids, some got a lot more. At this point I’m pretty intrigued because it looks like they’re really on to something here. But before I’m ready to jump in and start selling (or even bidding) I wanted to do just a little more research.  Here’s what I came up with.

A screenshot of a Tophatter auction in progress.

What Some Other Tophatter Reviews Have Said

Reviews on the web are mixed. Some people like the site and some people really don’t.

Mei at Pragmatic Designer said: “Tophatter’s 10% cut is steep, but considering that they provide you an instant sale, that’s not too much to ask. I had some short time for chatting with people in real time, and even had some people convert into website visitors.” – Score one for people who like Tophatter.

Jane at Jenny and Teddy remarked: “Think of it as a clearance sale – if you want to move some items, and move them fast, Tophatter is the way to go. You won’t make much of a profit, but you’ll make room for new products.” – I’d have to call that comment a tie.

Jessica Posted at Webutation: “Tophatter policies change on a whim so as a seller and buyer you get screwed out of money/products/ and your time. I can’t tell you how many times as a seller I have been forced to give refunds for items that were sold months ago. Then the fees. OMG THE FEES ARE INSANE – you could be paying up to 25% of your product SELLING price and usually a minimum of $12.” -Sadly there are dozens of reviews like this one.

Somebody else was so mad they started a Truth about Tophatter Facebook Group. It has 194 members who are so upset about the site that they felt compelled to join and share their experiences. There’s also a smaller Facebook group called Stop Tophatter Selling Counterfeit that asserts that Tophatter allows fake items on in it’s auctions.

In the course of my research I noticed something else. Many of the positive Tophatter reviews out there had this at the bottom: “Disclosure: I received compensation for this publication.” I found that or something very similar at over a dozen blogs. I think that’s kind of odd but I don’t know what to make of it.

Tophatter Review Conclusion

The thing that most people seem upset about are the fees that were recently raised. Commissions on a Tophatter Auction range from 10% to 15% plus a $.25 to $2.75 scheduling fee that is charged whether or not your item sells. Source: Tophatter Fees from their website.  That’s more than the competition and it does seem a bit out of line for an new auction site. The next largest complaints from sellers were low selling prices on their items and extremely short auction times where they feel nobody had a chance to bid.

As a final bit of research I decided to look at their rating at the Better Business Bureau. There are 22 complaints against them. Mostly about poor customer service. If you are interested you can read them yourself here.

I had originally intended to list one of my items and write about the experience as part of this Tophatter review. But after learning about the difficulties others have had and in light of the high selling fees I decided against it. However, I really do like the way this site looks and how it works. If they can improve their reputation and make the fees reasonable I would be willing to give it a try in the future.

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  1. My experience at Tophatter has been a disaster. I bought “sterling silver” chains that turned out to be filled with lead. I bought a 14k stamped gold ring that turned out to be fake. After some investigating, I found out that Tophatter turns a blind eye to the sale of fraudulent, fake items, apparently because those items naturally sell well which lines their pockets. It is not the exception, but the rule that jewelry and high end brand names will be fake in a Tophatter auction., despite what the item description says.

    • It really is too bad that TH allows sellers to get away woth these things. I have heard a lot of similar complaints about products bought on TH, but I have never had an issues. However, I tend to stick to the Handmade auctions/sellers, and I have met a lot of wonderful people that I have come to trust. I always look for their items on TH because I know I will get unique, quality products that are made with care, and I always know that if I am dissatisfied in any way, these sellers will do whatever it takes to make it right. It is really sad that they allow sellers that don’t have this same sense of responsibility to their buyers to be honest and provide quality products. I think it all depends on what you are looking to purchase though. I honestly don’t think I would go on TH looking to buy a Coach bag or something like that because there is just no way of knowing what you will end up with. However, I will certainly continue to buy there as long as the honest, hard working sellers that I have come to love are selling there. TH should support those sellers, and get rid of the ones selling fraudulent items, but unfortunately it seems to be more about the bottom line than making their buyers and sellers happy and safe. I would recommend for any one looking to try this site to check out any handmade auctions because you truly can find some amazing one of a kind items that you will absolutely love. You can download the Tophatter app and use the referral code 11c693 to get $5 to use for free. Try it out, and see for yourself! 🙂

      • Or you could just not give your money to a business that knowingly cheats the consumer and get your hand-mades some where else. It’s a gamble every time you buy from a seller at Tophatter. A lot of them take your money and never send the item, even sellers in the hand-made auctions.

    • Yes I got caught up in the buying of a fake coach purse now trying to get my money back haha

  2. I was on TH for over a year. I, and a whole group of my friends were banned from the site when TH said that they wanted access to your PayPal account so that THEY could give refunds if your customer was unsatisfied even BEFORE you were able to work with the customer. If the customer went to TH and said that they got rooked, true or not, TH was going to take the $$ out of your PP account. TH wouldn’t even ask the seller, just “slurp” There goes your money.

    Because I, and a whole group called Enchanted Arts, spoke up, we all got muted for being negative when we asked why we would HAVE to do this. Then we all got banned when we said that we weren’t going to.

    After doing more research, I found that the owners of TH were also the owners of Heartsy and Blippy, whom both went belly up, leaving their sellers high and dry with no recourse to get any of their listing moneys back.

    There is also a Tophaters Anonymous on Facebook for the folks who all got booted for asking questions and other folks that got fed up. I found this article through ThA.

    Another problem what arose was Resellers. They’d buy the 99 cent junk from Alibaba and others and say it was handmade and charge 4X as much.

    If you have anymore questions, just let me know.

    • I bid on and received a beautiful coach bag. The seller was great answered all my question. Sent bag right away. Another seller Bop Shop took my money didn’t send my bag I’ve complained to them and TH several times and no response Now I can’t contact the seller. I don’t have their email they took it off my invoice and I’m out 127.00. I trie to write live feed and they erased my comment on TH

  3. Tophatter is one of the most messed up places I’ve ever been a seller on, hands down. The rules change daily and the double-speak by the staff is unending. If you really want to know what sellers think of Tophatter, go to This is their public forum for questions/concerns/ideas from buyers and sellers. It is page after page after page of problems.

    The fees are unreal. So for example say you sell an item for $15 + $5 s/h ($20 total) in the jewelry auction. Your fee would be $2.75 + $2 = $4.75. Your fees will be 24%. And that is assuming the buyer PAYS. The number of buyers that don’t pay is staggering. Some people have reported as has as 35% non-paying winners.

    Scheduling ability is based on a seller’s feedback score and buyers can leave inaccurate feedback and knock you out of your ability to schedule very, very quickly. Buyers can flat out lie, affect a seller’s ability to sell, and Tophatter refuses to remove inaccurate feedback. For example if a buyer says an item wasn’t received and the tracking shows it was delivered? Tophatter leaves the negative on the seller’s account.

    Run very, very far from this site. Tophatter is the 3rd website experiment the founders have cooked up and their old businesses were a flop, Blippy and Heartsy being the #1 and #2. Tophatter will be no different. No customer retention. No seller support. Copy and paste answers from staff and blatant lies.

    • Everything this person has stated is fact. I have experienced each and every single thing in the past!! TH is out for one thing and that is the side that gives them the most profit. They could not care less for the right side and the person who is in the right. They will dance with the devil to make a dollar.

  4. I was a member of TH without any issues for months. I paid in excess of $150 a week in selling fee’s and I have the receipts to prove it. Everything was fine until I noticed a member selling fake Mossy Oak items and labeling them as Mossy Oak. I am a licensed retailer of Mossy Oak and bound by contract to notify of any fraudulent activity that I happen to see. I contacted members at TH, several I can call by name if contacted. I was told by them “quote” the seller was doing nothing wrong and they continued to allow him to sell these items. Customers were actually making purchase of these items in thinking they were buying genuine articles and in fact they were fake. I notified TH that if they would not take action against this type selling I would be forced to contact Mossy Oak and file a complaint, in which I did! It only took TH 2 weeks after this happened to set me up with a fake buyer and have my account suspended. I have proof of this as well. The person who purchased from me was a “hostess” of their site and the account was set up to make this single purchase from me and file a complaint. The person harrassed me beyond what anyone would imagine and finally I blew up and told her what I thought in a very unpleasant form. For this I was suspended from TH. In other words, I got hot on their back side about the fake merchandise they were allowing to sell for major money with full knowledge it was fake. I do not recommend TH to anyone and I would never attempt to sell again nor purchase. Even if I could!! You can not trust what you are purchasing. You can not trust the staff of TH to help you. It is a site better left alone! If you need any printed proof of these accusations I have all documents to provide. Just make contact!

    • ** Run very, very far from this site.** I could not agree more!
      Fake make-up……..Fake designer bags ….Fake designer Jewelry !
      Drop-shipping from China ( aliexpress site.ect ) Not saying this is bad.but to willingly pass off the items as ” authentic ” is wrong.
      Honest sellers telling & reporting the truth being *shut up *.and removed from the platform., and on the Forum. The highest fees on ANY auction site!
      Intern seller / buyer resolutions that do not work! Eg : seller sends an item with tracking ( shows up delivered ) The seller has to refund the buyer, because the buyer says they have not received it ? The buyer keeps the item for free ? Tophatter offers ZERO seller protection. Tophatter was fun the first 5 months.then they stopped caring for the sellers. No Tophatter! But wait…Tophatter is starting to sell their own items.This will end up like a sort of “overstock ” auction or e-commerce.

    • tophatter screwed me over on sellers fees after i had two stupid people back out after paying because they didnt want my rings, it clearly stated the size yet they wanted a smaller size, i am out a few bux from paypal because their is a charge to refund,than they just kicked me off tophatter saying i used profanity with a buyer,,f**k them..i am going to file a class action lawsuit,,how can they charge 14% from our shipping fees? thats ridiculous, i am still waiting to be refunded my sellers fees from people that backed out of buying..AGAIN..F**K THE SCAMMING TOPHATTER..they need to go down

  5. Tophatter is a complete scam. All of the items that are sold there can be bought on ebay for 1/4 of the price.

    The treat their selles like crap.

    The site is set up for buyers, not sellers

    Steer clear from this site as a buyer and a seller. it’s not worth the headache

  6. This site treats its sellers like trash.

  7. Tophatter is a joke of a company. I am a buyer and got scammed multiple times buying fake products. It seems like a lot of the same resellers have a lot of control on this site too. Sellers can sell you products that they don’t have in their procession and then say they “lost” it. Shipping charges are not regulated. A seller can charge 20 bucks to ship a ring that’s costs them only a stamp to send. Sellers have a 10 day (business days) grace period to ship a “real” product out so if you bought something it could take 15+ days until you get it, more if there are holidays. If you say anything a seller does not like in a chat room they will mute you immediately because they fear you will expose the truth about this site. Tophatter obviously does not regulate this site and could care less if fake items are being sold. The idea of tophatter is genius, yet it is apparent they do not care about sellers or buyers and are only in business to scam and make a quick buck. Stay far far away from Tophatter. You will waste lots of money and time.

  8. I decided to check out TopHatter again since it first opened and the vast change in products being sold had me suspicious. I was browsing the lingerie section they had and something just didn’t seem right. A seller by the name of Alyssa, from Arizona was selling stuff being shipped from China. Head on over to eBay, type in product description and boom, found eBay sellers from China/Hong Kong coincidentally selling the exact same product. Alyssa even copied the pictures that were featured on the seller’s page.

    Technically she’s not stealing the product. She’s basically taking orders then buying them from the seller on eBay and making just about a 50%+ profit. She’s also charging shipping when the eBay seller isn’t charging for shipping so that’s extra cash in her pocket.

    I liked TopHatter when it first started and people sold handmade stuff. Now scummy people are allowed to sell other people’s merchandise without their knowledge. Like I said, while it’s not technically stealing since she did purchase it from the original buyer it’s still pretty shady.

  9. Don’t give this site your time or money. This is a good place for buyers but not great. you don’t know what your getting or the quality. Lots of items come from china and you never know if what you are getting is the real deal or not.

    Sellers… you’re going to pay most if not all of your profits to tophatter. Don’t bother it’s a rat race and once you’re no longer new… they don’t want you around anymore.

  10. I got banned from tophatter because I was tagged in a post ON FACEBOOK… myself and several others were, and I have proof of this as well. So guess what? they monitor people’s social media too. Scary, isn’t it? I filed complaints with the BBB, only to have the BBB decide they’d “done their best to resolve…” My guess is the BBB decided it was resolved after their palms got greased, but who knows. :/ You can see the whole exchange between me and TH on the BBB site.

  11. I spent 366.00 on items that was probably worth 25.00 maby ! I sent them all back and they refunded me 62.00 does that sound fair ? Not to me ! I am vary Disappinted I would have thought they had better feelings for the average person . I thought they would do a better job of taking care of their customers ! I feel they take advantage of people who has never seen their type of items that they would send you for the amount of the money they take from you on the vary day of the sale ! Becarefull when you go to Tophatter’s site !!!!!!!!!

  12. There have been both positives and negatives about this site, but I can say that I have met many very talented sellers there who make quality handmade goods. I would not have had the opportunity to meet these sellers otherwise, so I am happy for that. Pretty much all of the items i have purchased have been of good quality. I have mostly stuck to the handmade items and sellers that I am familiar with because when I don’t, I generally end up being dissatisfied in some way. All of the handmade items I have purchased from there have been excellent. Tophatter certainly has a lot of sellers who make all of their own goods, and those sellers also make it a point to give excellent customer service. If anyone would like to try out the Tophatter app you can use the referral code 11c693 to get a $5 credit. Check it out for yourself, and definitely look for any handmade auctions!

  13. After 6 bad transactions of either not receiving my items after paying or receiving them a full 3 weeks after the shipping quote time I decided to leave. A lot of these issues had to do with TH’s inaction in dealing with many of these sellers by allowing them to continue to sell. Tophatters habit of turning that blind eye had set a trend that has caused a lot of bad sellers to grow in numbers on TH resulting in good buyers leaving due to not feeling safe. And what has replaced those good buyers? Bad ones which are defrauding the good sellers now by making false claims of broken items or being mislead.

    The lack of security in shopping at TH has seemed to cause them to change their rules and regulations on a whim which has caused confusion and general unhappiness and also makes it easier for those bad buyers to scam sellers . Maybe this lack of security is in part due to the fact Tophatter has always hidden negative feedback given to sellers from the buyers and one has to ask why? If a seller is honest what should they have to hide? And now, TH has decided to hide this negative feedback from sellers as well which greatly limits the seller/ buyer relationships and does not allow the seller to fully understand and correct an unhappy sale… they can only do what tophatter feels is best for them to do and given tophatters habit of turning that blind eye… do we as buyers really want to rely on their views?

    I, for one, will stick to safer websites to do my spending.

  14. If you go to DHGate or MiniInTheBox you will find most of their jewlery for pennies a piece it’s a total scam

  15. Please do not use tophatter there is nothing but fake product ! Spent so much money on coach bg and they were all fake please don’t be fooled everything is fake !

  16. Tophatter in the beginning was a very good site, the things that did well were supplies as well as handmade. Then the re-sellers came in turning it into a pseudo-Ebay. Soon the glitz and glamour of buying handmade was gone and in place it was instead fashion jewelry which was selling at phenomenal prices; something that could be bought from aliexpress or even right from a seller on ebay for $1.00 would go for upwards of 50 dollars; I’ve even seen plated rings go as high as $300 with the seller paying no more then $10.00 for the piece. Because of this shift the people who were interested in supplies and handmade items disappeared and instead Tophatter started to appeal to a different crowd; gullible middle aged+ ladies with a need for instant gratification and low attention spans, Tophatter has even admitted this in interviews. As such, these people were not reading descriptions, and getting disappointment feeling they paid too much. Because of this, Tophatter has the worst buyer retention problem, and the poor seller who started their item at $1.00, which is often forced would be left a negative feedback that would forever influence their scheduling ability. Tophatter has this awful revolving door system that makes it so anyone who is successful on their site will eventually not be able to list; but you have to have items that perform well or you will not be able to list, so as a seller you have to pray your items sell high but not too high or else you are punished because sellers do not matter, there will always be sellers tophatter needs buyers as Chris had even openly said sellers are easily replaced.

  17. Do you notice a common theme among the posters of negative reviews? They’re all former sellers who have been suspended by Tophatter! Do you see any reviews from current sellers? No, well not until this one because I happen to sell on Tophatter and have for over a year now in high volume no less. I’ve been through the fee changes, etc. & I just do not agree with all of the negative opinions on here. Tophatter has allowed my business to grow in ways I never imagined could be possible. It does require a lot of hard work because they are very strict with the standards in which they hold their sellers to, but that is reflected in the quality of the items and repeat buyers you see now. The current Tophatter is far from the Tophatter of the past. They’ve made aggressive moves to rid the site of replicas and sellers who gouge their buyers on shipping charges. I’m proud to be a part of it and hope to continue growing along with it.

    • this was obviously written by a TH staff member lol in an attempt to make the company look better

      • I agree not one seller on Tophatter is happy with them. They are losing any and all reputable ones they had do to inflated fees charged to sellers and tampering with the postal and delivery service of items.

    • Layla maybe a while back things were good however,not anymore and you know it!

      Stay clear you will lose,your bank account to them!

      I’ve been both buyer and seller! I can say the coach bags are authentic because they are screened. Jewelry however can be an issue if you buy plated make sure you r aware that plated jewelry will not hold up to everyday wear and tear. As a seller of jewelry I purchase jewelry made only in the USA and tend to sell only stainless steel because it will never change colors turn your finger green and is hypoallergenic! Don’t let this one bad site ruin your experience! I also sell coach and they are authentic! And am always happy to show proof of sale! MY ADVICE IS TO TRY THIS BRAND NEW AUCTION SITE THATS IN ITS BABY PHASE, THEY TREAT BOTH BUYERS AND SELLERS WITH RESPECT AND DO NOT CHARGE THE SELLERS OBNOXIOUS FEES WHICH IN TURN CAUSES SELLERS TO PURCHASE CHEAPER QUALITY JEWELRY TO MAKE A PROFIT! I do not work for this new site but would like to see both sellers and buyers work together to meet the supply and demand of quality items. 🙂


  18. I have been looking online to find a way to get information on this website I am a buyer I paid $210 on a coach bag I made sure to read the hole bio on the item and when I get the bag it was a fake and a bad fake at that when I tried to inform top hatter of what happened I got no response thank God I paid though paypal and got a full refund but I’m not going to let them get away with it I’m going to stop it now.

    • When was that and what item. I can say they do regulate their coach sellers! Receipts have to be supplied ! Although I would give the advise to,avoid the site

  19. I spoke the truth and my chat was disabled!!!! These sellers are selling outlet product way over retatail,….would never buy from this site.

    • Same exact thing happened to me! Told people through chat they could find item on tophatter shown listed @ msrp 399$ for like $40 online and they disabled my chat!!! Shady!!!

  20. So I just downloaded the app. Are the coach purses fake then?

    • I just ordered a tote and it better be real. I was charged 35 dollars for shipping to Canada I ordered it Thursday night, I remember because a few hours before the auction I had Emailed the seller asking her if she could sell me that bag ..The mail went unanswered.I was so happy when I won the bag,I jumped up and grabbed the phone to call a taxi so I could put the money in the bank and i realized it was starting to get dark so I looked at the time,my hart sank, the bank had just closed it was 8’o clock. I had spent more then two hours trying to get this bag I just ran out of time.That’s ok right the rules say a buyer has 24hrs. to pay for their item. It wasn’t that easy.I started getting swarmed with Email .Lucky for me the seller was very under standing and told me there would be no problem with paying for it in the morning.Then I went back and deleated two Emails from TH and one from. pay pal.I don’t think they are fake,but I do worry that it’s a two part bag and maybe only one part will be new with tags and the smaller part will be gently used at least in the picture it looks like that could happen .I don’t see how they can keep making money if they were selling fakes.

  21. I have had so many bad experiences at Tophatter and what’s worse is the fact that if we were treated like this in a brick and mortar store, they would be shut down. I stopped selling there and now sell at Raise Your Paddlez actually cares about us as sellers and there fees are low. They are new but they actually talk to you and take your ideas and suggestions to heart. I would rather bring my buyers here and help them grow than to give Tophatter one more cent.

    • Same for me I switched and am willing to help grow before I will allow them to continue to clean out my bank account with ridiculous and ludicrous fees

  22. Now I ‘m afraid ! I came across TH while looking for a particular Michael Kors bag. I have bought some MK and Coach bags off of TH on the past couple of days. When they come (now I see I need to be worried if I will get them all ) How will I know if they are fake???

  23. I came to TopHatter expecting to find deals. Well, I was wrong. It’s like some people do not look around to different auction sites before they come to tophatter. I have found items highly over priced and seen the same exact item on ebay for like three times less of that price. I brought a bracelet on TH and exactly went to ebay and say the same exact one for like 2 bucks T.T
    I guess they do have some good stuff, but this site is a no no for me.
    I’m going to stick to my good old ebay. I don’t care if it’s not eye appealing. At least I know I’m getting a good deal. At least I know if the product is does not fit the description I can just use their buyer protection. Never had a problem with ebay. But the seller fees are kinda of hey or ebay and they are for TH.

  24. Tophatter, Inc.

    Letter to customer Service:

    Check out how TopHatter has responded to me.

    Dear TopHatter Admin, I take the time to write in detail and fully explain my issues to you, and you give me a half-ass response ‘Thank you for your comments, one of our representatives will contact you shortly blah blah blah…” but two days later you send me this form email asking me to fill out a feedback survey? Is that your idea of a customer representative contacting me? Would you like fries with that? C’mon.

    Two issues: allowing buyers to arbitrarily cancel orders is highly unorthodox in the auction world. Your two-strike policy is not worth a hill of beans, when the buyer can just open a new account under a new name. I suspect you have implemented this policy to facilitate your internal shill bidding and as I have noticed you have an unusually high amount of buyers present at your auctions that have hundreds of bids in their 2 year history but no purchases. Boy, those guys must be really unlucky! Further, if you’re going to allow such as asinine policy to exist, for what ever reason, then at least allow the seller to offer the item to the runner up. Most of all, don’t make the seller wait three more days to get relisted, they should be re-prioritized in the que. And finally, don’t relist their auction at friggin’ 3AM when no one is on line, and still charge them the auction fee anyway when their item doesn’t sell. That is nonsense.

    The same item that I sold for 30 dollars in my first auction, was FINALLY relisted a week later, after 15 reschedule requests, but at 3AM EST(6AM CT), and didn’t sell of course because no one was there. I have been unable to list since then, each time I try to schedule you guys give me some bullshit that it was unable to be rescheduled because there was no room in the auction, and I should try a later time… but yet no later time is available for booking because you only put current day and next day auctions on your scheduling board. The next time I try to reschedule and the very same items is rejected for completely different reason. I noticed that once my free trial credits ran out.. some how I can’t get scheduled anymore.

    I paid my 1 dollar for the last auction but you aint gettin’ the next one because you went and booked me at 3AM again and of course my item didn’t sell again. Please close my account.

  25. This site used to be fun and you could make a small profit . Now they have raised their fees once again to sellers. They do not stand up for the sellers just the buyers. I have given away so much jewelry in the fear of negative feedback in which TH stops you from auctioning.
    The buyers know that they can hold feedback over your head as Th does not support the seller. They now take control of your shiping fees and they now make a profit on those.
    I would very much like to say Sellers Beware and do not support Th Site. They want to charge a $2 listing fee on an auction and you have to start your item at $1 and free shipping ???? I also hope that buyers will see that this site is so wrong. A lot of people are really trying to supplement incomes in these hard times and Th is really taking advantage of this.

  26. I am new to Tophatter however I have 12 years experience selling online. I find Tophatter a nice change from the big guys and in the auction format most every item sells….the fees are a little high but I feel well worth the benefits the site offers.

    • Rocco, research Tophatter. As an online seller of 12 years you’ll see the horrific reviews from buyers and sellers alike. As a new seller on Tophatter if you NEED to touch the stove to make sure it’s hot then by all means, touch away. Just know you were warned by many, many people. Your research may also want to include Tophatter’s 2 previously failed companies, Blippy and Heartsy. They continue to make the same mistakes. What about when we were able to log into each others accounts by accident and even change passwords last summer? Or last WEEK when Braintree was able to go into our bank accounts and make withdraws from their own mistakes?

      Yeah touch that stove Rocco, see how much you’ll kick yourself for doing it later.

    • Well, good luck Rocco. Let me know how you feel after month after month of increasing fees and Tophatter putting themselves between the buyer and seller at every turn. I’ve been in retail (stores & then online) for 20 years and I’ve never seen a venue or vendor treat sellers like they do… and I’ve dealt with some real doozies.

      Do you know they now don’t release funds for some sellers until the item is marked delivered by the shipping company? Add that to the 2-3 days it takes to process the payment and it’s a week or more after you ship before you actually get your money. That’s just the latest, too, and it took several inquiries for their community rep to even acknowledge it was happening.

      Their shipping system is a joke (and pads their commission at the buyer’s expense while not even verifying addresses… and if gets returned because of a bad address, it’s your fault), feedback is arbitrary and one nutcase buyer can derail your sales for days even if their feedback does get removed, which might or might not happen and you’ll never know which. There’s constant changes don’t get announced… even staff doesn’t know what’s happening sometimes. And customer support disappears the moment you question their policies.

      If it works for you, enjoy. It used to be a great place to sell but greedy, arrogant owners who constantly mislead their sellers have made it a bargain bin for buyers with fees that eat what meager profit remains. You won’t see me there anymore after the holidays – between the constant changes that always erode my margin and the combination of ignorance and arrogance from the staff, it’s lost all appeal for me. But if you can make it work, more power to you!

  27. I purchased a lot from this site. Received everything just fine. My daughter liked a ring on their site, so I stayed up late every night bidding on this ring. Finally I won. I was so excited, I decided to save it for christmas. I wish I could post a picture of the ring I bid on and the ring I got. The misrepresentation of their products are unbelievably insane. Luckily, I got re funded. But all those ladies that got the same ring.. I wonder if they we just as upset as I was. After I got refunded I received an email stating I was going to be suspended from bidding. Really??? Who cares!!! No one want the aggravation! And I think I’m going to join the Facebook groups that was noted in the review. Let’s get it out there…buyer beware!!

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