Oct 172014

Regretsy listing of an Exlax necklace pendant.

The perfect gift for the friend who’s always full of s***.  At least it’s a vintage pendant!

Regretsy listing of some very odd eye lash jewelry.

What could possibly go wrong here? Could it be the wire in the eyes? Or could it be the super glue you’d have to use to attach these things? I guess some ladies will do anything to accessorize.

Regretsy listing of a fairy toilet.

No fairy garden is complete without a fairy toilet. You wouldn’t want them pooping willy-nilly all over the place now would you?

Regretsy listing of some very happy underwear.

Um. Um. Hmmm. Yeah, I got nothing. I don’t know why this exists. And now you can’t un-see it. You’re welcome.

Regretsy listing of a hiddeous skirt with a scary face.

This is the ugliest skirt on planet Earth. Possibly the known universe. But what I really want to know is, can I get the matching top?

Regretsy listing of a privacy laptop sweater.

This laptop privacy sweater works in two ways. First, nobody will be able to see your screen. Second, anyone who sees you will immediately leave the room all together.

Regretsy listing of a painting that features two flies mating.

This lovely scene from the Discovery Channel would be perfect to hang on your…… Where does this go again?

Regretsy listing of a pair of patchwork skirt pants.

It’ the all purpose skirt pants quilt instant room clearing device. You’d better have the sexiest knees I’ve ever seen to pull this outfit off.

Regretsy listing of an ugly snake skin baby stroller.

The snake-skin baby stroller. Because: reasons. I don’t know what they might be, and nobody else does either.

Regretsy listing of a man in a funny lookng unicorn hoodie.

The hand-made unicorn hoodie. The perfect thing to get rid of that pesky handsome boyfriend that always follows you around.

Regretsy listing of a urinal dress costime.

How the? What? Why? Do not, under any circumstances, ever wear this to a party where there are drunk men around.

Although the satirical nature of Regretsy fans may result in some bruised egos, it does have the unintended side effect of improving the overall listing quality on Etsy.

By shaming the bad listers  into removing their items everyone benefits from an improved buyer experience.

Let’s face it, you’ll sell more on a site where buyers don’t find items so bad that they can’t take them seriously. It’s a kind of self-policing community standard initiative.

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