Oct 172014

Ever seen an item on Etsy so terrible that you couldn’t help but burst into laughter? Well, you’re not alone. There are so many of them that the term “Regretsy” was coined all the way back in 2009.

Originally it was used in an Etsy satire blog titled Regretsy.com (by April Winchell ). The site was so popular it received 90 million hits in its first 4 days! A year later it was turned into a book called Regretsy: Where DIY meets WTF.

That book is still available but the blog was taken down  in 2013. In its absence, dedicated fans started up sites of their own. There’s Missing Regretsy on Tumblr. Which in turn spawned more items tagged Regretsy by other tumblr users. Not to be outdone, the Pintrest community began dozens of Regretsy Boards of its own continuing the tradition.

As you can see, Do it Yourself gone wrong still hasn’t diminished in popularity at all. And while my article may be good for a laugh, take a minute to learn something about your fellow Etsy buyers and sellers as well. Analyze the seller’s mistakes and ask yourself if any of your listings have something in common. If they do, you’d better revise it real quick before you become the next regretable Etsy example. Here’s our top listings of all time.

Regretsy listing of a deformed baby angel.

When making a baby angel Christmas ornament it might be a good idea not to make it too realistic looking. Perhaps something more tranquil wouldn’t frighten your holiday guests.

Regretsy listing of cat print underwear.

OMG. Is this a failed pair of underwear or a successful chastity belt? I happen to have a pet cat. I love him very much. However even he knows there’s some places he just shouldn’t go or I’ll be very upset.

Regretsy listing of a cat with a unicorn hat.

This unicorn hat for a cat might be more fitting as a punishment than a way to dress up your favorite little buddy. I would at least wear protective gloves while attempting to put it on your cat’s head.

Regretsy listing of a sexy Chewbaka painting.

Seductive artwork has its place. However, if you should happen to hang this piece in your bedroom I do believe you wife won’t be “in the mood” for quite some time. She may even demand you see a therapist.

Regretsy listing of some really funny chicken butt yoga pants.

Guess what?… I think if you wear these chicken butt yoga pants to class you might be the first person to get thrown out for violating the dress code.

Regretsy listing of crochet toilet paper.

Couple of questions here. Is it re-usable? Is it machine or hand wash? Will I be a social outcast for eternity if anyone actually sees this in my house?

Regretsy listing of denim utility garters and skit outfit.

Too hot for pants? Too cold for a skirt? All this and the appearance of a sexy garter belt for those days you just can’t decide.

Regretsy listing of an angry chiwawa in a knitted dog outfit.

The dog says it all. I hate you. Please don’t do this to your Chiwawa.

Regretsy listing of a dog in a ridiculous  boobie scarf.

If you made me wear this I’d stick my tongue out too. Then I’d bite you. Then I’d pee on the scarf.

Regretsy listing of some doll head ear muffs.

What a better way to keep your ears warm than covering them with decapitated baby doll heads.

Regretsy listing of an eggs and bacon knitted bikini.

OK, I love bacon. I love bikinis. But the eggs and bacon knitted bikini might not be the best beach attire for attracting Mr. Right. Unless of course he’s wearing Belgian waffle swimming trunks.

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