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eBay Listing Templates LogoIf you want to improve your eBay listings and sell more items, then some free eBay listing templates may be exactly what you need. For a long time eBay has offered it’s own listing templates through Listing Designer for a fee. But it’s just an HTML template and you don’t need eBay to do it for you, and you certainly don’t need to pay those fees. With very little actual knowledge of HTML you can cut and paste these templates and learn to use them in no time.

We’ve assembled a list of the best websites to find these free templates so you don’t have to waste your time wading through the ones that aren’t any good. All the links have quality layouts and simple, free downloads so you can get started right away. At the end of the article we’ll also give you some helpful tips on using the templates if you’re not familiar with how it’s done and links to free template editing software.

Sites to Get Your Free eBay Listing Templates From

ebayappreview screen captureeBayappreview

100+ Templates.

This site has 6 base eBay listing templates that you can customize with different colors before deciding on a final design. Counting all of the variations together, there are over 100. Files can then be downloaded in one zip file. Each is also available in Auctiva and Inkfrog format if you use either of those programs for creating your listings.

superauctiontemplate screen captureSuperAuctionTemplate

8 Templates.

Very straightforward designs here. But you don’t get the templates by downloading them. When you click on one of the templates it takes you to a page that shows the HTML code where you can copy and paste it directly. It’s faster than having to download the files actually.

freeboutiquetemplates screen captureFreeBotiqueTemplates

50 Templates.

The layout and navigation of this site are a bit cluttered but the templates are not. There’s a good selection of themes for what the website calls “auction moms”. There are a lot of very feminine designs and also some neat animated ones.  It’s another HTML cut and paste site rather than having downloadable files.


25 Templates.

They’re taking a slightly different approach here. All of the templates here where crowd sourced meaning that they were uploaded by users of the website. What you’ll find is that this provides a wide variety of styles to choose from. Yet another place that uses cut-n-paste HTML method.

auctomize screen captureAuctomize

36 Templates.

This site has user customizable templates. It allows you to type in your listing title, image url, description, plus payment and shipping options and then adds them to the template for you before you get the HTML.  It can be a real time saver to do it this way. Cut and Paste HTML to get the layout.

desacs screen captureDesacs

15 Templates.

Professional, almost stationary type layouts. If you’re looking for a very clean and simple style then this website might have what you are looking for. I especially like the checker-board designs. Cut and paste HTML to get the eBay listing templates.

isdntek screen captureIsdntek

120 Templates.

A huge collection of really nice work here. Many of them are beautifully crafted and resemble something in a picture frame. They have banner, sidebar, and segmented templates as well as imageless layouts and some holiday designs. Cut and paste HTML rather than files again.

alouwebdesign screen captureAlouwebdesign

20 Templates.

Straight forward and the to point here. You can just download all of the 20 the templates they offer in one zip file at the top of the page. All of the layouts are simple and clean designs. They have included many variations on where things are placed on the pages through.

cartooncottage screen captureCartooncottage

11 Templates.

All free primitive listing templates here. I’m actually not sure what “primitive” means when it comes to listing design, but they look very much like home decor. These layouts would be good for someone who sells household items. There’s also a nice Halloween and a Christmas themed design.  Cut and paste stuff again.

Free-ebay-templates screen captureFree-ebay-templates

20 Templates.

If you need some absolutely bare bone designs then this is where you want to be. Really, they’re just colored HTML tables. But sometimes simplicity sells so here you go. In order to get these templates the simplest thing to do is to just right click on the link and select “save as”.

freeauctiondesigns screen captureFreeaucitondesigns

500+ Templates.

This is the big one. And frankly their eBay listing templates are awesome. However, I put them at the bottom of the list because they make you log into their site before you can download anything and I absolutely hate that. They do give you the option of logging in with your Facebook sign in credentials or making a login with your email address though.

Tips for Using eBay Listing Templates

There are a few ways you can use eBay listing templates. You can copy the code and paste it directly into the eBay “create a listing page” and add your copy and images there. But the better way is to use a WYSIWYG HTML editor. That stands for What You See Is What You Get. The best on the market is Adobe’s Dreamweaver but it’s a tad pricey. If you need something that’s free a good program to download is the Coffeecup HTML Editor.

Once you have a WYSIWYG editor installed on your computer making simple changes to HTML is easy because you can see exactly what you are doing. Plus there are numerous point and click tools you can use instead of typing code at all. Get the HTML from one of the templates above and then open or paste it into the editor.

From there just type in the copy you’d like to have in your listing. Then find the “insert photo” icon and place your photos in the template. Finally, copy the finished eBay listing template HTML and paste it into eBay’s create a listing page. Done.

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  1. Thanks for the article. It is a pity that free templates are so poor in the graphics. But as they say, nothing is for free 🙂

  2. Thanks for this useful article.

    I was using Turbo Lister, but as I can’t use the Listing Designer tool anymore will use one of these.

  3. CrazyLister is the best.

    CrazyLister is extremely user friendly and features the only drag and drop listing editor on the market in addition to requiring absolutely no installation or prerequisite knowledge of coding/Photoshop/or how to use anything other than the internet. Yep, it’s just that easy.

    We’re not just the easiest to use eBay editor, we’re also ahead of the learning curve as we are also the first editors to create responsive listings so that users are able to create listings that look just as good on a mobile device as on a desktop. Our finger is always to the pulse of the future of conversion rate and CrazyLister reflects our dedication to figuring out new and innovative ways to increase sales.

    Another stand out feature of CrazyLister is that everything – and we mean everything – is customizable, down to the ready-made templates. You can edit and manipulate listings using CrazyLister to fit precise design needs; perfect for any seller on eBay.

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