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Who are the Etsy’s top sellers? What items are they selling? If you’re new to Etsy you’d probably like to know so you have an idea of what you should sell. We’re going to look at the who has the top Etsy shops and then analyze the items they are selling. I’ve included information on both because it’s important to not only know what the items are, but also who’s selling and how many are being sold. If you see someone who’s selling something you’d like to sell too, click their name and research what they are doing and why they are successful.

To break it down even further were going to look at the overall Etsy top sellers (coincidentally all supply sellers), then specifically the handmade and vintage sellers. So depending on what style of seller you are, you can see what’s going on in your category. Or maybe you’ll discover something else to try. All stats were taken from Craftcount on Aug 8th 2013.

Top Overall Etsy Sellers / Shops (all are supply sellers)
Jewelry making beads.
  1. Clbeads Total Sales: 247371.
    Items They Sell: Beads and jewelry making supplies.
  2. Yadanabeads Total Sales: 227809.
    Items They Sell: Beads and jewelry making supplies.
  3. Yummytreasures Total Sales: 226896.
    Items They Sell: Beads and jewelry making supplies.
  4. Shareliving Total Sales: 213332.
    Items They Sell: Beads and jewelry making supplies.
  5. Dimestoreemporium Total Sales: 208950.
    Items They Sell: Beads and jewelry making supplies.
  6. EverLuxe Total Sales: 176588.
    Items They Sell: Beads and jewelry making supplies.
  7. Happysupplies Total Sales: 167472.
    Items They Sell: Beads and jewelry making supplies.
  8. SunAndMoonCraftKits Total Sales: 163305.
    Items They Sell: Beads and jewelry making supplies.
  9. BobbiThisnThat Total Sales: 144920.
    Items They Sell: Beads and jewelry making supplies.
  10.  BohemianFindings Total Sales: 133794.
    Items They Sell: Beads and jewelry making supplies.

I might be going out on a limb here, but I’d have to say you can make money on Etsy by selling beads and stuff to make jewelry. Yes, every single one of the sellers in the overall top ten sell jewelry making supplies. For those of you who might not be into selling supplies, lets look at what the best handmade items are and who’s selling them.

Top Handmade Sellers / Shops
Pins from a button maker.
  1. Beanforest Total Sales: 81808.
    Items They Sell: Buttons with sayings on them.
  2. Zenthreads Total Sales: 54205.
    Items They Sell: Screen printed T-shrits.
  3. Norajane Total Sales: 53969.
    Items They Sell: Handmade rubber stamps.
  4. Zoeysattic Total Sales: 50376.
    Items They Sell: Kids T-shirts.
  5. Collageorama Total Sales: 50163.
    Items They Sell: Dictionary page prints.
  6. AndersonSoapCompany Total Sales: 49160.
    Items They Sell: Artistic and luxury bars of soap.
  7. Threebirdnest Total Sales: 48926.
    Items They Sell: Headbands.
  8. Madisonstreetbeauty Total Sales: 47652.
    Items They Sell: Natural makeup.
  9. Purplepossom Total Sales: 47121.
    Items They Sell: Monthly baby stickers.
  10. Theblackapple Total Sales: 44333.
    Items They Sell: Artistic prints.

Well that’s an eclectic bunch isn’t it? I had no idea that some of those things even existed yet they’re in high demand! Goes to show you I don’t know everything and hopefully you were able to learn something from that list as well. But if vintage sales are more your style then let’s have a look at that category.

Top Vintage Sellers / Shops
Vintage diamond and ruby necklace.
  1. Inkpainter Total Sales: 26385.
    Items They Sell: Book plates and French game prints.
  2. Ohmymilky Total Sales: 20538.
    Items They Sell: Buckles, beads, and dress pins.
  3. VintagePennyLane Total Sales: 16373.
    Items They Sell: Jewelry, home decor, and dolls.
  4. RogueRetro Total Sales: 15767.
    Items They Sell: Clothes.
  5. Estatesaletreasures  Total Sales: 13963.
    Items They Sell: Miscellaneous items from estate sales.
  6. CoolVintage Total Sales: 13828.
    Items They Sell: A bit of everything including “archeological dig finds.”
  7. Juliecollins Total Sales: 13518.
    Items They Sell: Ribbons, paper things, and tinsel.
  8. Onetime Total Sales: 12707.
    Items They Sell: Jewelry.
  9. Foundlings Total Sales: 12318.
    Items They Sell: Jewelry and monocles.
  10. Gransmothersattic Total Sales: 11781.
    Items They Sell: Paper things and holiday items.

When it comes to vintage it seems like anything goes. The common thread with these sellers doesn’t seem to be any particular item. Just an ability to find old things that people want to buy.

The Best Selling Items on Etsy

By far the items that sell the most on Etsy are jewelry making supplies. Which makes sense because handmade jewelry is one of the top selling items. It’s just too convenient for the people making the jewelry to purchase the parts at the same place they sell their finished items. Get some fancy beads and write a listing. It seems like you couldn’t fail at it if you tried.

If you’re more of a handmade person, try your luck at whatever you’re good at because anything goes. Maybe it’s just me, but if someone can sell 49,000 bars of luxury soap or 50,000 prints on  dictionary pages then you can probably sell one or two of anything. If all else fails, buy yourself a button maker and think of some funny slogans. After all, just one seller was able to get paid for 81,000 of them so far.

If you’re more into vintage then your concern isn’t what, it’s where. The vintage sellers aren’t as picky about sticking to a particular category of item. They just sell whatever they can find. If you have a lonely Goodwill or a lot of estate sales in your area go and buy anything you think would sell. Odds are, you’re not the only one who will think it’s worth having. Do keep an eye out for vintage jewelry though, it seems to be in high demand.

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  1. Great article for anyone looking to sell on Etsy!
    While its a great idea to check out what the top sellers are doing it’s not a great idea to copy someone else’s products. If your selling in the handmade category be creative and unique and you’ll be a great seller and addition to the whole Etsy community.

  2. Etsy has been a great place to sell my family tree charts

  3. If you want to dig a little deeper to see what’s selling, you can go to an Etsy shop and under the “shop info” on the left side of the page, you can click where it shows the number of sales and see the specific items that are selling. This way, you can see the best sellers and spot trends. What sells well one year, may not sell that well the next, or vice versa. See what types of items are popular and see where you might fill a gap!

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