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Etsy Selling Tips LogoEtsy has over 15 million shoppers. But to reach those potential customers you need to market your items in the most effective way possible. Here are 12 Etsy selling tips that can give you an edge over the competition.

Tip #1: Take Advantage of Everything Etsy Has to Offer.

Etsy offers a wide variety of help to you. There are forums, blogs, and even a seller’s handbook. Etsy also offers advertising on Google and other search engines. Thier shop stats can show which of your items were viewed and how visitors found your shop. Etsy also allows you to personalize your space on the site with things like a customizable  shop banner and your own unique announcements for your customers.

Tip #2: Use the Best Photographs You Can Take.

Online shoppers can not hold or try on your items. Whether it is a ring you made or a vintage dress your photos need to be the best you can possibly take. If your item can be worn or used, take pictures of it being worn or in use. Experiment with different lighting and colored backgrounds. Then decide which photographs are the best and add the finishing touches. Crop your photos and correct the brightness and contrast. There are several free image editors available. If you need help finding one, see this article on editing photos for free. And always take advantage of the fact that you can post more than one photo in your listing.

Tip #3: Know the Cost of Shipping.

Sometimes the shipping fees on and item cost more than the item itself. Don’t get stung by surprise costs after you’ve sold an item. Always calculate your shipping fees ahead of time including the cost of the packaging. Most of the time you will want to add the cost of shipping to the price of your item and offer the customer free shipping. People just expect free shipping on everything these days so it’s good marketing to meet that expectation.

Tip #4 : Once a Week List a New Item in Your Shop.

Most shoppers are going to be looking through the Etsy new listing pages whenever they first go to the site. As you list a new item it will go on the first page of those new listings. So if you can add a new listing on a Friday your item will be on the first page for the weekend shoppers to see. Once they look at that new listing they will go to your shop and look through your older listings as well.

Etsy Sale SignTip #5: One Week Every Month Have Some Kind of Sale.

Shoppers are always looking for a deal, so give it to them. One week out of every month have some kind of sale. For example, one month you could have a 10% off spring sale. The next month you could do a buy two items get a third item half off. What ever the reason shoppers will always look through a shop that is having a sale. You could also do a promotion with a certain percent of your sales for one week going to a charity or good cause. Not only will this get your store great publicity, it can be a tax deduction for you.

Tip #6 : Do Your Own Online Advertising.

Social media promotion is free and effective. Setup accounts on Pintrest, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google + and Weheartit. Get involved in the Etsy community and tell people about what you do. Show your items to everyone you can outside of the regular Etsy listings. There are plenty of people who enjoy using these networks so don’t make the mistake of ignoring them. If you’re new to social media promotion read over this article on social media marketing for some tips on getting started.

Tip #7 : Learn What SEO is and How to Use It.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the practice of making sure Google finds the information you want it to. More importantly, it is also the practice of anticipating what words your customer will use to find your items when they search Google. These words all called “keywords”. You need to put yourself in your customer’s place and predict what keywords they will use when they search for an item like yours. Then you need to be sure to use those keywords in your item title and description. You should also consider including keywords in your Etsy username and shop name.

Tip #8 : Build Your Brand

It is important to be unique on Etsy. Shoppers come to the site looking for a  personal experience when buying custom and hand made items. Meet that expectation by having a personality that stands out in the crowd. Infuse your own style in your username, shop name, logo, banner, tagline, titles, descriptions, and photographs. Present a consistent style across all of those areas and people will identify with you as an artist with their own special brand, not just another seller.

Tip #9 : Provide Excellent Customer Service

The value of word of mouth advertising should never be underestimated. If you exceed a customer’s expectations they will tell others about their experience. Likewise, if you fail to provide good customer service they will also tell others about it. Always remember that Etsy has a feedback and rating system that all of your potential future customers will see. Go the extra mile and it will pay off for you. It will also pay off through returning customers.

Tip #10 : Study the Successful Sellers on Etsy

Examine what the top sellers on Etsy are doing. Compare your listings to theirs and see what is missing and what can be improved on. Study the items they’ve sold, how they’re branding themselves, and the style of their photography. Also look at their shipping and return policies and see if they’re doing something you’re not. You can see who the top sellers on Etsy are here.

Tip #11 : Send a Gift Not a Package

When a customer receives a package from you make it something they will remember. Rather than using an ugly recycled box why not send a decorative box that will make your customer feel like they’re getting a present? Instead of stuffing your box with old newspaper for padding, use colorful tissue paper. Include a hand written thank you note. Go the extra mile with your shipping and you’ll bet better feedback and more sales.

Tip #12 : Join an Etsy Team

There are community groups called Etsy Teams that you can join. It’s a collection of sellers who post about a subject they’re really into. If you join you can get great information from other sellers in your niche and share your ideas. Members can also promote their listings and check out similar items by other sellers. And who knows, you just might make a few new friends in the process!

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  1. I think these are great tips!!! I would just like to include Pinterest, Fiverr.com and twitter as crucial advertising sources

  2. Wonderful article full of great tips!
    Also, remember the more items listed in your shop the more times your shop will be found in searches. My sales didn’t take off until I had well over 100 listings.

  3. Awesome, thank you so much.

  4. Wonderful suggestions! Thanks to you and to Beate for passing it on to her FB page!!

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    Will return often to check and propagate your cool news!
    We sellers need all the help we can get in this tough internet market.
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