Etsy Fee Calculator


Etsy fee calculator showing a profit.

You can use our Etsy Fee Calculator to figure out all of your Etsy fees, transaction processing fees, Paypal Fees and shipping fees. The number at the bottom will show how much profit you will make on an item after all of the fees have been deducted. Be sure to fill in all of the boxes below for a correct calculation.

Etsy Fee Calculator Instructions
  • Selling Price: Enter the amount you would like to sell your item for.
  • Item Cost: Enter what the item cost you.
  • Shipping Charge: Enter the amount you are charging your customer for shipping and handling.
  • Payment Processing Fees: If you’re not using a payment processing service then enter none. If you’re using the Etsy Checkout then choose that selection. If you’re using Paypal select the rate that you have with them. If you don’t know your rate, then it is probably the highest in the list.
  • Etsy Fees: Here you can see what Etsy is going to charge you.
  • Payment Processing Fee: If you used a payment processor, the service fee will be shown here.
  • Profit: This is the amount you will have when all of the numbers above are calculated.

If you need help with estimating your shipping costs have a look at our Seller Tools section over to the right of this article. It has links to calculators at the Post Office, UPS, and Fedex. If you need a better explanation of Paypal’s fees and how they work please have a look at our article on Reducing Your Paypal Fees. For full details on Etsy fees and selling policies visit the official Etsy Fee Page.

This Etsy Fee Calculator is current with the latest fees established May 21, 2012. Although I’ve done my best and thoroughly checked it, I make no guarantee of it’s accuracy.

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  1. I am thoroughly confused as to shipping charges. If you are not sure where product will be going how can you possibly calculate a shipping charge before hand? Why can’t you put TBD in the shipping charges?

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