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You might be one of those people looking for an alternative to Etsy because of their recent policy changes. Or you might be looking for similar craft sites that you can use to expand your existing business. Whatever your reason for checking out their competitors, we’ve got the best list for you.

We’ve divided the list into two sections. The first has 7 Etsy alternatives that are in the United States. The second has 5 sites based in other countries for our international readers. Don’t automatically discount the global sites if you’re in the US though, you can still list on many of them. Although you will have to know how to ship internationally.

The sites are listed within each section in the order of their internet traffic ranking, highest first. That number gives you an idea of how popular a site is compared to Etsy, which is ranked 203. If you do the  math you see that Etsy still has 18x more traffic than its top competitor, Bonanza.

But keep in mind that the traffic ranking isn’t everything. One of these sites might be better than Etsy for you in particular because of a specialization more aligned with your sales niche. Or it might have a user policy that benefits your trade a bit more. Perhaps the fees are less or they have a payment processing system you like better. And of course, if you’re outside the US any site in your home country will be a huge improvement for you.

Alternatives in the United States


Bonanza.com websiteThis site is already a real competitor to Etsy and is growing larger every day. It has the largest customer base of all the other US based listing sites. They also boast that the site has over 10 million items for sale.

The website itself has a sleek interface very similar to Etsy’s and a comparable international reach. What really sets it apart from the herd though is the awesome “webstore” they offer. For $25 per month they will set up a fully functional ecommerce site for you with no additional listing or final value fees on your sales.  You can host it on your own domain (ex. www.yourshop.com) or on one of their sub-domains (ex. www.yourshop.bonanza.com).

  • Traffic Rank: 3,786.
  • Country: Based in the United States but also has individual sites for the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, and Spain.
  • Fees: Sales of regular listings under $500 are 3.5% of final sale price. Sales greater than $500 are $17.50 + 1.5% of the amount over $500. However, they offer a shipping fee exemption of up to $10 in that calculation. They also offer webstores for a flat $25 fee. Additional fees for payment processing.
  • Payment Processor: Paypal or  Checkout by Amazon.


Storenvy.com websiteCurrently completely free. That’s pretty hard to beat. Plus Storenvy is second in our US internet traffic rank, falling only about 1000 spots below Bonanza. The site’s simple layout is just like Etsy, but it has its own unique twist that made me laugh out loud. There’s an “envy this” button on each listing that allows you to favorite it for later. They also offer seller storefronts with the option of using your own domain name integrated into their site for only $5.

Storenvy also makes it a point to promote items listings on social media sites like Facebook and Pintrest. Combine that with their ability to offer promotions and coupons you’ve got some pretty good marketing for your items built into the site.

  • Traffic Rank: 4,740.
  • Country: United States
  • Fees: Free. However it states on their site that they do plan to charge in the future. Additional fees for payment processing.
  • Payment Processor: Paypal.


Artfire.com websiteThis is a site that frequently comes up when people are discussing handmade and craft sites because of its community feel. They really go to great lengths to give each seller their own unique identity by offering seller blogs, bios and curated collections. The shops are also highly customizable adding to that unique feel.

I find their pricing model to be quite refreshing in a world of too may percents. No nickel and diming you death, just $20 per month. Easy to use, easy to like.

  • Traffic Rank: 16,741.
  • Country: United States
  • Fees: Looks like $20 a month for a pro subscription fee but no listing or commission fees.  Additional fees for payment processing.
  • Payment Processor: Paypal, Amazon Payments, Propay.


Zibbet.com websiteFor those sellers that were a bit put off by the Etsy policy change that allowed outside manufactures to contribute an Etsy seller’s “production operations”, this may appeal to you. A quote from their site: “When you buy from Zibbet, you’re supporting an individual seller who manages the creation process from conception, right through to packaging and shipping the product to your doorstep.”

In addition to feeling more at home with fellow craft people, your fees will be probably be cheaper on Zibbet as well. They also have a tool that will allow you to import all of your Etsy items directly into their site.

  • Traffic Rank: 43,284.
  • Country: United States
  • Fees: Free up to 10 items. $5 a month for up to 50 items. $10 per month for unlimited items. No listing or commission fees. Additional fees for payment processing.
  • Payment Processor: Paypal.


Silkfair.com WebsiteThis site isn’t just for handmade and craft items. It’s more of an eBay type site where you can sell anything you want. So if you have some items that fall outside the realm of Etsy goods you can try your luck here. Especially organic goods. They have a category for eco-friendly items that may appeal to sellers and buyers alike.

One thing to note though is that we’ve reached a point on our list where the internet traffic numbers really start to fall off. I’m not sure their fees are justified considering that there are higher trafficked sites that charge less.

  • Traffic Rank: 204,696.
  • Country: United States
  • Fees: 3% of the final sale price. Also has tiered store pricing ranging from free to $24.99 per month. Additional fees for payment processing.
  • Payment Processor: Paypal and Google Checkout.


Goodsmiths.com websiteThis is still a relatively new site having been founded in April of 2012 and hasn’t gained much ground in traffic ranking yet. The listings look a lot like the Etsy formant you’re used to. Except the help section. That still needs some work. I found it to be a hard to navigate hodgepodge of answers in no particular order. I wasn’t even able to find what the fees for the site were within the help section.

Like Silkfair above, the fees here might not be warranted for the amount of traffic that the site receives.

  • Traffic Rank: 309,506.
  • Country: United States
  • Fees: 2.5% of final sale price. Tiered store pricing from free to $12.00 per month. Additional fees for payment processing.
  • Payment Processor: Paypal and Dwolla.


Madeitmyself.com websiteThis is a small site that is still in the start-up phase.Right away I noticed that the navigation bar at the top of the site was wonky. The words weren’t lined up right. I even tried it in different web browsers. I tried some of the links on the front page to “hot items” and one of them took me to a page that said “item not found”. On another listing page I found more formatting problems in the description area.

3% commission is way to much for a site that doesn’t work properly, and has the lowest traffic on our US site list. Maybe it will improve in the future, we all have to start somewhere. Keep an eye on it for the future.

  • Traffic Rank: 660,056.
  • Country: United States
  • Fees: 3% of Final sales price. No listing fees. Additional fees for payment processing.
  • Payment Processor: Paypal.

International Alternatives

Here is the list of Etsy’s international competition. I should point out that Bonanza could also be considered international because of all of the different countries that it has sites for even though it is based in the US.


Dawanda.com websiteDawanda actually ranks higher than Bonanza in internet traffic. It also has over 200,000 sellers and more than 2.7 million members overall.  The site itself is well designed and easy to navigate. This a great choice if you’re in Germany or any of the European countries that it has local sites for.

However, wow those fees are high. I guess you sellers over there on the other side of the pond can afford way more than us poor Americans!

  • Traffic Rank: 2,069.
  • Country: Based in Germany but also has offices in Spain, Poland, and France. Listings are from countries throughout Europe.
  • Fees: 10% of the sale price not including shipping. No listing fees. Additional fees for payment processing.
  • Payment Processor: Paypal, bank transfer, and COD.

Not on the High Street

Notonhighstreet.com websiteUnlike the other websites on the list this one is a curated site. That means you have to apply in order to be a seller. And they will approve you only if they think you’re good enough. On the positive side, this results in everything on the site being top-notch merchandise.

As for the fees… They’re so high they’re not even on the site. I had to really search the internet for them. And you know what? You have to outright be part of the royal family to afford to sell here! Are you kidding me?

  • Traffic Rank: 6,931.
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Fees: one time joining fee of £500-£700 then a whopping 25% commission.
  • Payment Processor: site integrated.


Folksy.com websiteThis is the most affordable United Kingdom alternative to Etsy out there. Even so, the fees are outrageous compared to what we pay in the US. Is everyone over there rich or what?

Seriously though, this is a nice site to sell on. It has seller forums, blogs and a tutorial section with all kinds of seller tips. However, unlike Etsy, it does not allow vintage sales.

  • Traffic Rank: 100,975.
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Fees: The Basic Account (free subscription) is £0.15 + VAT listing fee + 6% + VAT sales commission, the Folksy Plus Account (£45 monthly subscription) is 6% + VAT sales commission.
  • Payment Processor: Paypal.


Madeit.com websiteThe obvious choice for Australian sellers. In fact, it’s a requirement that you physically live in Australia in order to sell on the site. The traffic rank on this site is not huge, but then again I don’t know how that number actually compares to the population over there. If you’re an Australian, please check it out and post a comment with your thoughts below.

Like Folksy, this is a handmade site only, no vintage allowed.

  • Traffic Rank: 249,294.
  • Country: Australia
  • Fees: 35c listing fee plus 4.5% of the sale price not including shipping.
  • Payment Processor: Paypal and Direct Debit for Australian customers.


Icraftgifts.com websiteHere we have one for our friends north of the border in Canada. I like the site. It looks nice and functions well. One of the cool features is a Facebook like posting wall where sellers can interact which really ads to the community feel.

The traffic rank here is not high but neither is the price. If you’re in Canada this one is definitely worth a try.

  • Traffic Rank: 794,839.
  • Country: Canada
  • Fees: unlimited postings for $5.00 per month.
  • Payment Processor: Paypal.


Well that’s the list. Hopefully we’ve been helpful and you’ll be able to find a site that suits your needs.

If there are any sites that should have been included, or if you have some feedback you’d like to share about one of the links above, please leave us a comment! Other readers will appreciate hearing about any experiences that you have had on any of the sites we suggested.

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  1. When I got totally fed up with eBay a few years back, I tried Bonanza and a few other sites but wound up opening my own store on eBluejay.com. eBluejay.com is totally $FR.EE – no listing fees, no final fees, no fees whatsoever. I use eBay to capture new customers (listing lower priced items there) which I then direct to my webstore on eBluejay.com and it works like a charm. eBay’s fees add 13.5% (due to the marvels of compounding interest) to the cost of my items, so my items are less in the store than they are when dual-listed on eBay. Give eBluejay.com a look-see if you are interested in running an online store and are willing to do promotion to get customers.

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