Aug 032013

A photo of a camera. These days just about everyone has a camera. But not everyone has Photoshop. Probably because it costs more than a top of the line camera and it takes a 2 year graphic arts degree to understand it. Well, you don’t need it. These days you can just edit photos online for free with little or no experience.

You can edit photos online using these two free websites. They both have image editors that run right in your web browser. And they give you the added convenience of being able to use them on any computer, not just the one you have your software installed on. a Simple and Free Alternative for Editing Photos Online

Weather you’re a total beginner or a photo editing expert Pixlr has you covered. They let you pick from 3 different user interfaces. Advanced, Efficient, and Playful. All three are beautifully thought out and completely intuitive. I doubt you’ll ever need to read a help screen.

The site has a full set of tools too. I won’t go over all of them here but I will point out the ones you’re likely to need in editing a photo for one of your listings. With Pixlr you can: Resize, crop, rotate, color correct, brighten, contrast, vibrance, redeye fix, teeth fix, airbrush, and type text.

It would take dozens of photos to show you it’s capabilities so instead I’m going to include this video overview. If you let the video play to the very end it will start the next video in the Pixlr tutorial series. There are a total of 4 to watch. You can also go to any of them directly by clicking on the bottom of the video where it says “playlist”. Get That White Look Using Only Your Web Browser

If you’ve ever wanted to get the white background look like the photo at the beginning of the article then this website is for you. Unlike Pixlr it doesn’t have a big set of tools to edit photos. It is made to provide a simple solution to a difficult task. After you load a photo all you do is quickly paint over the foreground with one brush and then paint over the background with another one. Clippingmagic does the rest. It can make your background clear, white, or just about any other color to match your listing. Here’s a video of how it works.

I should point out that it’s not perfect. It works best for images with sharp boundaries and a high contrast between the foreground and background. It would have difficulty with a white pearl necklace shot on a white sheet. You would have to plan ahead and shoot the photo on a black sheet instead. It also has difficulty with fine detail edges such as hair.

But if you can work around the limitations it is very easy and very quick to use. For those times you can’t get it to work right you can always go back and do it the more tedious way with Pixlr. Here’s a video with the Pixlr instructions.

To wrap things up I’m going to provide some references you might need to know for the site you’re selling your items on. Here’s the requirements you will need to know for Ebay, Etsy and Amazon. before you can edit photos online.

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