Ecommerce Links and Resources for Online Sellers


ecommerce linksBeing successful at ecommerce often means you have to be able to hit a moving target. That’s because in this relatively new sales frontier both technology and strategy are constantly in a state of flux. Our site tries to be a useful tool in keeping up, but we know there’s a landslide of information out there and we can’t possibly cover everything. So for some further reading and research here is our collection of ecommerce links and resources.

Just scroll down to the section that best applies to you and follow the links for the latest news, policy updates and opinion.

Ecommerce Links

Ecommerce Bytes – Excellent source for up to the minute ecommerce news. They cover a wide range of topics with their team of ecommerce experts. They update with several new articles daily.

Ecommerce Weekly – In depth articles on the most important issues currently facing online sellers.

Warrior Forum – An internet marketing forum that covers all topics related to ecommerce. It has a huge following. If you can’t find an answer, just post a question and you’ll likely get a dozen answers from its many contributors.

Ebay Links

eBay Scavengers – A totally awesome blog – podcast done by two ordinary eBay sellers. They share their learn by doing perspective that is more helpful than anything I’ve ever read on an official eBay tutorial. They share what works, what doesn’t, and how they figured out those confusing problems that all new sellers encounter. Give it a listen while you’re packaging your items.

TameBay – Based out of the United Kingdom but gives a good global perspective on eBay topics. Although some of the articles are more relevant to UK sellers, most are good stories and advice that sellers anywhere can use.

Ebay Selling Coach – Good tips from a professional eBay seller and blogger.

eBay Announcements – The official announcements page for

eBay Discussion Boards – eBay’s official forum for buyers and sellers to post their questions and complaints.

Power Sellers Unite – An un-official forum where eBay sellers can have a candid discussion about their eBay problems.

Amazon Links

Amazopia – An independent Amazon news and advice blog by a couple who are full-time FBA sellers.

Amazon Press Releases – The official news releases from

Amazon Discussion Forums – Amazon’s official forum for sellers to discuss their issues.

Etsy Links

Handmadeology – A site with tips for people who sell hand-made items on Etsy.

Etsy News Blog – The official update page for

Etsy Forums – The official forum to discuss all things Etsy.

Shipping Links

USPS Newsroom – Official releases from the Untied States Post Office.

UPS Press Releases – Official releases from the Untied Parcel Service.

Fedex Newsroom – Official releases from Federal Express.