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Ecommerce Calculators Tools and Resources LogoThis is our collection of Ecommerce calculators and tools that you can use to find out where the best place to sell your item is and how much profit you will make. At the bottom there are links to shipping calculators for all of the major shippers in the US so you can find out what is the most cost effective way of shipping your item.

The shipping rate comparison tool is pretty awesome so try that one first. Once you have an estimate from that go to the carrier you’ve chosen and double check to make sure you’re getting an accurate cost.

eBay: Use the eBay calculator to figure out your profit on an eBay sale.
eBay Fee Calculator

Amazon: Use the Amazon calculator to figure out your profit on an Amazon sale.
Amazon Fee Calculator

Etsy: Use the Etsy calculator to figure out your profit on an Etsy sale.
Etsy Fee Calculator

Paypal: Use the Paypal calculator to figure out your transaction costs.
Paypal Fee Calculator

Shipping: To figure out the best carrier to ship your item try the calculators below. The Comparison tool usually does the job but links to the individual carriers are included as well.
Shipping Rate Comparison Tool

USPS Rate Calculator
UPS Rate Calculator
Fedex Rate Calculator

Ecommerce Calculations

Don’t forget calculations on profit should always include the cost or your item, listing fees, transaction fees, packaging fees and shipping fees. If you’re not including all of them you won’t get an accurate idea of how much money you’re actually making on a sale. In ecommerce it’s not uncommon to see a profit of 10% to 50% on an item. If it’s less than that after you’ve deducted all of your selling fees you should re-consider selling that item.