Dec 232017

Ebay Stores Neet to be FixedFirst eBay insisted that all of our listings had to be mobile friendly. Then they insisted that all of our listings had to be secure. Months later NONE of the stores on eBay are mobile friendly or secure.

We were told buyers wouldn’t buy from pages that didn’t meet these new standards. So we as sellers changed our listings to comply. Some of us had to change hundreds or even thousands of them.

While it is true that Google forced eBay to make these changes, shouldn’t eBay make the same upgrades to its stores that it recommended to us?

Ebay Stores Fail Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

You can use Google’s Mobile Friendly Checker to see if a web page is mobile friendly. For our test we used the URL for eBay’s own shipping supply store: You can see that it is clearly not mobile friendly. You can also enter any other store URL and get the same result. Go ahead, try it with yours. Just copy and paste the URL into the search box.

eBay not mobile friendly screen-capture

If you look at any eBay store on a mobile phone you can also see the problem without any help from Google’s mobile friendly checker. Here is eBay’s shipping supplies store as viewed on a mobile phone. In this case an average Samsung S7 using Chrome as the browser. Notice how it doesn’t fit on the screen. Try this on your eBay store. The result is the same.

eBay Store on Mobile Phone Screenshot

Ebay first announced their push for mobile friendly listings in the 2016 Fall Seller Update and gave sellers until June 26th 2017 to comply. They even made their own mobile friendly description tester that sellers could use to test their listings.

They also published a Mobile Best Practices Guide that has the following quote:

Make sure that all item description elements scale across device sizes. Do not set absolute values in CSS declarations and make sure inline images scale well across screen sizes. In practice, this should prevent any mobile browser from rendering horizontal scrollbars, which are not mobile-friendly.

Which is exactly what they haven’t done with any eBay stores, even their own.

Ebay Stores Fail at Being Secure

Ebay stores do not use the HTTPS: protocol in their URL. So anyone browsing an eBay store will see the non-secure warning next to the page address. If you manually type in the HTTPS: prefix it will just revert back to the regular HTTP: page.

Ebay Stores Connection Not Secure Screen Capture

Ebay first announced the requirement for secure listings in the 2017 Summer Update and gave sellers until Oct 16th 2017 to comply. Again they provided a security checking tool that sellers could use to check their listings.

And also again they provided a Security Standards Guide on how to carry out the changes which has a startling quote:

We believe that buyers who see a “Not secure” message are less likely to buy your products. eBay will begin using the HTTPS protocol for listings in October 2017, but if sellers have used non-secure, HTTP content in their listings, Google Chrome still considers the page to be not secure.

In their own words, buyers are less likely to buy from your products from a non-secure page.

So What is the Problem Here?

Sellers were given until June 26th 2017 to comply with mobile friendly listings and until Oct 16th 2017 to comply with secure listings. Today is December 23rd 2017 and eBay has not implemented these changes to any eBay stores.

They can’t be viewed properly on a mobile browser. They give potential buyers a warning about security issues that scare them away. Isn’t it about time that eBay upgraded its storefronts with the same recommendations that they gave us? After all, we are paying for our store subscriptions.

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