Jun 232013

Ebay has released a new shipping rate comparison tool that allows you to compare shipping rates offered by USPS, UPS and Fedex. According to Ebay.com the new calculator has:A digital postage scale.

  • A friendlier, more intuitive experience
  • The ability to see and compare FedEx rates to rates from UPS and the USPS, as well as the discounted rates you’ll receive—up to 37% off—when you print and ship through eBay Labels or PayPal Labels
  • Click-and-drag functionality that lets you select and rank the shipping services you want to offer
  • An all-new map feature that displays sample domestic shipping rates for regions across the U.S. based on your location and package size

It has a simple, clean interface on the first page that has all the options you need to get an accurate estimation of your shipping fees.

Screen Capture of Ebay Shipping Calculator Tool 1

After entering your package specifics  it then takes you to a second page where you can see a general idea of what each shipping service will charge for your item. On this page it does a simplified breakdown showing 3 destinations spaced out across the United States. Three tabs across the top allow you to choose the shipping provider for comparison.

Screen Capture of Ebay Shipping Calculator Tool 2

On a third page you can even get a more specific idea of what your costs will be with the ability to select you destination state by state.

Screen Capture of Ebay Shipping Calculator Tool 3

It’s important to note that there is an option to select Ebay’s online rates vs in store rates. When you sell through Ebay you often receive a shipping discount.

If you’re not selling an item through Ebay obviously you won’t be getting the discount but you can still use the calculator to estimate what your fees will be by selecting the in store option to see regular rates.

This should be a great help to new sellers who are trying to figure out what their best shipping option is. It will also be useful to experienced sellers who need more information on what the best method is to ship their odd items and packages to new or distant locations in the US or internationally. If you’re interested in trying if for yourself you can find it here.

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  1. The problem continues. …. shipping calculators fail to include the critical girth measurement that USPS uses on parcel post, express and some priority. You can’t compare accurately without this measurement included.

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