Nov 252013
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If you’re already an eBay seller then you might agree that there are a lot of reasons why selling on eBay is better than Amazon. However, if you’re an Amazon seller you really should consider the following with an open mind. You just might find that there are a few things that could win you over.

Simple Seller Fees

You don’t have to have a PHD in economics to understand the fees. Since listing fees are mostly free now on eBay it’s 10% plus Paypal fees, done. On Amazon it’s what category, and per item fees, and referral fees, and variable closing fees, and transaction fees for printing the postage. I’m waiting for them to ad a fee for charging you fees.

Buyer Protection

eBay gives you the chance to work with your buyer and issue your own refunds before they take things into their own hands. Amazon automatically issues a refund for just about any reason.

Used Items

You can sell just about anything in used condition on eBay. Amazon has a few things you can sell used like video games but forget about any apparel or tools. Sometimes, people don’t need brand new, they just need something that works.


Yes, eBay auctions still rock. Don’t know what an item is worth? Just put it up for 99 cents and find out. Amazon? Not so much. And admit it, you know it’s still fun to be the winner.

Sales Tax

eBay has an option to charge sales tax for purchases made in your state making it easy to collect. Amazon sellers are not so lucky. They just have to take it out of their profits.


On eBay you can personalize your listings with your own branding and style. You can use custom HTML and your logo in all of your listings. On Amazon all you get is their standard listing. Boring!

Lower Fees

Aside from being simpler, eBay’s fees are a few percent lower than Amazon which saves you money. And from a Wall Street perspective doesn’t anyone else find it odd that eBay consistently shows a quarterly profit and Amazon doesn’t even though they are more expensive?


You can sell your car on eBay. All you can sell on Amazon are toy cars.


eBay buyers and sellers have a community. People really get involved and you feel like you’re part of something. People rarely interact on Amazon.

Instant Payment

You get your money right now with eBay and Paypal. Amazon makes bi-weekly payments to its sellers. Waiting for money sucks!

Help with Pricing

On eBay you can use the “completed listings” search to determine what an item is worth and get some ideas on how to best list your item. With Amazon all you can see is the current price and it’s difficult to know if that is high or low for the market.

Well that’s 10. However I’ll include one more.

Adult Item Categories

You can sell dirty movies on eBay! Amazon technically has an “adult toy” category but no movies. How else are you going to get rid of that huge stash of dvds before moving in with you new fiance? Amazon won’t be of any help I’m afraid.

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