Ebay Fee Calculator


Ebay fee calculator showing a profit.

You can use our Ebay Fee Calculator to figure out your profit after all of your Ebay final value selling fees, Paypal processing fees, and shipping fees. This Calculator is for Standard Ebay Selling Fees. It does not include calculations for Ebay store owners.

Ebay Fee Calculator Instructions
  • Listing Category: Enter which category listings your item falls under. For the purposes of our calculator, there are only 2 choices.
  • Is this a Free Insertion Fee Listing? : Ebay offers all sellers 50 free listings a month. After that an insertion fee is charged. Choose yes or no.
  • Do you have a Top Rated Seller Discount?: Top Rated Sellers receive a 20% discount on the Selling Price portion of their Final Value Fees. Enter yes or no.
  • Selling Price: Enter the amount you will sell your item for.
  • Cost of Item: Enter what it cost you to get your item.
  • Shipping Charged to Customer: Enter the amount you charged to your customer for shipping. If you offered free shipping enter zero.
  • Cost to Ship: Enter what you will pay to ship the item to the customer.
  • Paypal Processing Rate: Paypal offers different rates for it’s merchants based on their volume of sales. If you’re in doubt, pick the 2.9% default rate.
  • Listing Fee: If you’ve used up your 50 free listings for the month, this will be how much you pay for your listing insertion fee.
  • Final Value Fee: Ebay Fee of 10% based on Selling Price plus Shipping Charged to Customer.
  • Paypal Fees: The amount Paypal will charge you for processing the transaction.
  • Total Profit: Total amount of profit (or loss) after everything above is calculated.

For full details on Ebay’s selling fees and policies visit the official Ebay Fees Page.

This Ebay Fee Calculator is current with the latest Ebay.com fees established June 26th , 2013. Although I’ve done my best and thoroughly checked it, I make no guarantee of it’s accuracy.

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