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Easy crats to sell on etsySo, you want to make some money by selling crafts on Etsy. Well, even if you do not have a ton of crafting skill, it is definitely still conceivable that you can indeed make money there. However, the major part of starting this endeavor is deciding which crafts to make. As with anything, it might be best to start out small, cheap, and easy. Therefore, this article will provide a small list of easy crafts to sell on Etsy.

Rules of Selling on Etsy

Before you can get to the specifics, you must understand the rules over at Etsy. Etsy was originally conceived as a handmade goods site, and so many people there can be a little picky about such. Etsy has recently changed, or clarified, their definition of “handmade”. They now use the three criteria of authorship, responsibility, and transparency to approve products for sale on their site. So, if you have made the product, stand behind it, and provide information on how it is made; then it is technically allowed now.

Authorship, however, is definitely the most important aspect for our purposes here. Etsy used to require the product to be created by the seller themselves. Now, the seller may use employees or even mass production factories. What Etsy seems to care about now, then, is the idea for the product. This is important to remember, as it means that the products must originate in the seller’s mind. This means that you can craft something entirely new, up-cycle old materials into new items, or even utilize tools like 3-D printers to design and produce the items. In short, as long as the seller is the brains behind the product and the operation, then Etsy is fine with it.

Yet, Etsy is not okay with certain other approaches. For example, building products out of kits is forbidden. Also, an item would not be considered handmade if it is simple cleaned up or rebuilt. The genesis of the idea behind the product is certainly the holy grail over at Etsy.

Ideas for Easy Crafts to Sell

When brainstorming for easy crafts to sell on Etsy, it can get frustrating. The thing to remember, however, is that simple can often be better and even more profitable. One of the greatest things you can do to prepare is to visit local craft fairs or flea markets. Here you can get ideas for what crafts are popular, and also for how much they sell. Indeed, I think it is safe to say that most of the people that shop such places are also the same people that access Etsy. These kinds of crafts can almost be addicting to buy, and so a lower price and simple idea can really pull in profits.

For example, coffee cup cozies are always hot. You have seen them everywhere, and they even sell them at bigger stores for ridiculous prices. However, if you are even a little proficient with a sewing machine, you will be able to create all kinds of designs and thematic styles that will pull in the people by droves.

Another great idea is to handcraft cards. By cards, I mean birthday and holiday cards that you normally pay a bundle for at the store. Well, creating your own unique and charming cards will certainly attract scrapbookers and the like. Also, selling them in packs could really bring in the money from bargain hunters.

Another idea for easy crafts to sell on Etsy are candles. Everyone loves candles. They smell great, but many of the ones at the store smell funny or are made with harsh ingredients. So, making homemade, gentle candles can really pay off, especially since there are a myriad of ways to stylize the jars. There are sellers that exclusively sell candles, as they are always a popular item.

Other ideas for easy crafts to sell on Etsy range from jewelry made of just about anything, like wire, beads, or bone; to even homemade foods, like delicious desserts or breads. One of the greatest niches to aim for is the baby market. Everyone wants unique items for their babies, so everything from blankets and clothing to diaper bags and toys sell really well on Etsy, though these things could be a little more difficult to craft. Yes, even Halloween costumes would be a great idea, as people pay astronomical sums to acquire the perfect look for that one day out of the year.

Making Easy Crafts that Appeal

So, as you can see, there are many different ideas out there for easy crafts to sell on Etsy. Etsy is a treasure chest of all kinds of creativity and skill, and, with practice, anyone can come up with a great idea and learn to implement it. One of the more important things to remember when choosing the type of craft to be made is the fact that the items must appeal to the consumer. It is not enough to make coffee cozies: you must be creative with the look. It’s not enough to sell clothing: you must make it unique somehow.

Because of this, it is a great idea to include themes in your products. Many people on Etsy utilize animals, vehicles, nature, or even some licensed characters to make their crafts stick out a bit. This also provides a key word that will help the consumer find your crafts. For example, if someone is looking for octopus themed products, then your cartoon octopus goods will be in the pipeline for discovery. Had you made it plain, then the search would have passed you by for another. So, always look for popular and interesting, unique theme ideas. Yes, most everyone likes a cute kitten, but there are definitely people out there that want a squid or a creepy monster on their belongings.

In the end, it is safe to say that creative thinking and planning will go a long way. Get ideas around the internet, or maybe even ask your friends and family. If the product is unique, it will be found and will sell. Indeed, I find that there are always people looking for a certain theme, no matter how strange it might seem to you. Keep it simple, clean, and stylish, and it will sell. Test the waters first, and you will not be sorry.

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  1. I have items I make with yarn. And I make a food dip. Kraft said they would buy it if I got a patent. I don’t have the money for a patent. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get it to the public?

  2. Thank you very much I have been searching for etsy ideas for hours 😉 !

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