Oct 242013

craft ideas to sell Many people look to selling their crafts on eBay and Etsy in order to make extra income, while others look to sell their crafts on these sites to branch away from their day jobs and hopefully make a living on their own creations for good.

Although many people starting out have an idea in mind, some people just start with a dream. So, for all those out there dreaming of how to get started selling creations they made on Etsy and eBay, take a look at these craft ideas you can sell to get started.

Accessory Craft Ideas To Sell

Accessories are one of the most popular craft ideas to sell on eBay and Etsy. Just look at the number of handmade jewelry sellers on both of these sites! Just about every woman loves jewelry, and plenty of men wear jewelry, as well. You can make your jewelry creations to fit your own style, whether you like understated pieces or bold, elaborate designs.

The options are endless, and this is a very easy craft to get started as there are so many jewelry component suppliers out there to get started – even on eBay and Etsy! Other handcrafted accessories that are very popular are hair products, such as bows, headbands and bobby pins, cufflinks for men, key chains, wallets and even clothing accessories, such as scarves, neckties, hats and gloves.

Home and Living Ideas

Just about everyone appreciates some nice products for their home, and there are definitely a wide variety of home and living craft ideas to sell on eBay and Etsy. You may consider selling handcrafted bath and beauty products, such as bar soaps, bath bombs, cosmetics, fragrances and lip balms. There is a huge market out there for handmade bath and beauty products.

Other home and living craft ideas to sell are décor, such as candles, decorative pillows, blankets, or even picture frames. You may also consider selling handcrafted furniture if you’re really handy, as handmade chairs or tables can really amaze and bring in big profits. Some other home and living craft ideas to sell are garden décor, storage and organization pieces, tableware or even party decorations.

Gift Ideas

Many people use Etsy and eBay to buy gifts for their family and friends, so it’s no doubt that you could achieve success selling gift crafts. Some ideas to consider are gifts for kids and babies, such as clothing, personalized creations, accessories such as headbands or even jewelry made just for kids. If you’re more of an animal lover, you may want to try your hand at making gifts for pets and pet lovers. You could handcraft collars and leashes, create pet outfits, make toys for pets of any kind or even provide pet owners with painted or drawn portraits of their animal companions.

Many people also search for gifts for hosts or hostesses on Etsy and eBay. Some gift craft ideas to sell specifically with hosts and hostesses in mind are often kitchen and gourmet related products, such as serving bowls, coasters, oven mitts, cutting boards and even spice sets.

The craft ideas to sell on Etsy and eBay are seemingly endless. If you have the motivation and desire to turn your creations into a success, use these examples to help you get started discovering what craft ideas you might be successful at selling on these sites. Once you have the right idea of what to make, you’ll be on your way to a chance at a prosperous career selling your own creations on eBay and Etsy.

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