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If you run any kind of business, one of the first problems you’ll run into is where to buy shipping boxes. After you’ve purchased a few at the local office supply store, you’ll quickly realize the question you should have been asking is where you can buy cheap shipping boxes.

And it’s not just boxes you’ll need. There’s also envelopes, tape, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and labels. You’re going to need to find an inexpensive supplier for those thing as well. So are there any places you can get everything you need for shipping without paying an arm and a leg? Yes.

Keep in mind that there’s more to the cost than just the sticker price. You should always look for price discounts for buying in bulk. Also be aware of the amount you’ll have to pay to have the shipping boxes sent to you by UPS. Remember that the closer a warehouse is to you, the less you’ll have to pay to have your items delivered. If you’re really lucky, you might even be able to pick them up yourself.

The Best Places to Get Cheap Shipping Boxes and Supplies

In our list we’ve included single and bulk pricing for popular items as well as distribution locations so that you can compare packaging suppliers for your business.

Uline WebsiteUline


  • 6″x10″ Padded Poly Envelopes: $39.00 per case of 250, $.16 each
  • 12″x12″x12″ Box: $17.50 per case of 25, $.70 each
  • 1’x 175′ Bubble Wrap Roll: $16.00


  • Chicago IL
  • Atlanta GA
  • Dallas TX
  • Los Angeles CA
  • Minneapolis MN
  • New York NY
  • Philadelphia PA
  • Seattle WA

Uline is one of the largest suppliers of cheap shipping boxes in the country with 8 distribution centers across the United States plus some in Canada and Mexico. They also boast one of the largest selections of cheap shipping supplies anywhere with over 25,000 items available. Besides their website, they also have a great printed catalog that they send out for free making it easy to find just about anything you could want to buy for your business.

TheBoxery WebsiteTheBoxery


  • 6″x10″ Padded Poly Envelopes: $34.00 per case of 250, $.14 each
  • 12″x12″x12″ Box: $15.50 per case of 25, $.62 each
  • 1’x 175′ Bubble Wrap Roll: $24.00


  • Brooklyn NY

This supplier of cheap shipping boxes has only one location in New York. But they offer a flat rate shipping program to make up for any long distance shipping rates you might incur by ordering from them. They also post weekly deals on their website. Their prices are really good, I suggest you check them out.

StarBoxes WebstieStarboxes


  • 6″x10″ Padded Poly Envelopes: $22.90 per case of 100, $.23 each
  • 12″x12″x12″ Box: $149.00 per case of 100, $.1.49 each
  • 1’x 175′ Bubble Wrap Roll: $19.90


  • Miramar FL

Star Boxes seems to be a tad pricey on their envelopes and shipping boxes but they have cheap prices on supplies like bubble wrap. They also have a rewards program so that the more you order, the more you will save on future purchases.

Bubblefast WebsiteBubblefast


  • 6″x10″ Padded Poly Envelopes: $59.95 per case of 250, $.24 each
  • 12″x12″x12″ Box: $46.31 per case of 25, $1.86 each
  • 1’x 188′ Bubble Wrap Roll: $24.95


  • Gurnee IL

This company has tons of bubble wrap products, boxes, and a dedicated FBA category. Their prices are competitive, but what makes them a great choice is the fact that shipping is free on all their items. I also constantly hear their advertisement on eBay Radio so if you sell there it might be an added reason to check them out.

ValueMailers Website


  • 6″x10″ Padded Poly Envelopes: $19.95 per case of 100, $.20 each
  • 12″x12″x12″ Box: $63.90 per case of 25, $2.56 each
  • 1’x 175′ Bubble Wrap Roll: $17.00


  • Brewerton, NY

Value Mailers seems really high on their box prices but the bubble wrap is a decent price. I also found their site very hard to navigate. It took me forever just to find the 12×12 boxes because the site only shows a few items at a time as you browse instead of a comprehensive list. Their on site search doesn’t return valid results either.  They do have over 10,000 items available though, so if you’re near Brewerton NY you could check them out.

The Box Company WebsiteThe Box Company


  • 6″x10″ Padded Poly Envelopes: $51.00 per case of 250, $.21 each
  • 12″x12″x12″ Box: $26.75 per case of 25, $.1.07 each
  • 1’x 175′ Bubble Wrap Roll: $23.00


  • Carmel IN

Over 15,000 items to choose from here. Decent prices on cheap shipping boxes if you’re in Indiana. Otherwise, their prices plus shipping might be beat by other suppliers.

Pkging WebsitePkging


  • 8 1/2″ x 12″ Padded Poly Envelopes: $6.81 per case of 25, $.28 each
  • 12″x12″x12″ Box: $19.50 per case of 25, $.78 each
  • 1’x 250′ Bubble Wrap Roll: $48.63


  • Bedford Park IL

This place has some odd sizes and amounts available. They didn’t have the standard 6×10 padded poly envelopes, only 8 1/2″ x 12″. However, they do come in smaller packs than the other suppliers offer them. You can order 25 instead of 100 or 250 at a time which make them cheaper if you don’t need a huge quantity of them. Also note that their bubble wrap is a larger size than standard when making price comparisons. They also offer a rewards program.

Papermart WebsitePapermart


  • 6″x10″ Padded Poly Envelopes: $18.20 per case of 150, $.12 each
  • 12″x12″x12″ Box: $17.50 per case of 25, $.70 each
  • 1’x 300′ Bubble Wrap Roll: $14.16 (must buy 4)


  • Orange CA

After writing this article I found out about Papermart and had to come back and add it to the list. Their prices are really good and they’ve got a wide selection of packaging. What really sets them apart from the rest though is a low price guarantee. If you’re able to find a lower advertised price anywhere, they will match or beat it. All you have to do is call or email them with proof.

So Where’s the Best Place for You?

From what I have seen the Boxery and Papermart seem to have the cheapest prices. The Boxery has only one location in New York, and Papermart has one location in California. I suggest looking into whichever one of those is closer to you. Bubblefast is also an excellent choice due to its free shipping policy. Plus, they are located in Illinois which makes them more accessible to most of the country.

If you’re looking for someplace close and fast nothing beats Uline. Their network of warehouses allows them to always have someplace near you to ship from. They don’t have the best deals, but their prices certainly aren’t the highest either.

Some Additional Tips

If you’re really looking for some really cheap shipping boxes then you can check out Usedcardboardboxes.com. Although there’s no guarantee that they’ll have what you need in stock, you can call them and see if they have some used boxes that fit your needs. As an added bonus, they offer free shipping on all of their orders. Located in Los Angeles, CA.

Don’t forget to do a search on eBay and Amazon. There’s often people liquidating inventory below wholesale prices. It’s hit or miss, but it might save you some real cash if have the time to shop.

Finally, one last bit of advice. You can’t beat FREE. It will take more time to find what you’re looking for, but it can be done. If you’d like to know how then check out our article on how to get free boxes.

  3 Responses to “Where to Buy Cheap Shipping Boxes and Supplies”

  1. I can buy 18″x18″x16″ boxes that I use for shipping to Amazon for $1.17 each at Home Depot or Lowes. That is even lower than buying in bulk at any of these sites and you only have to buy what you need.

  2. We buy our smaller boxes from Paper Mart their prices are pretty good and since we are in Idaho it is cheaper shipping from California.

    We get larger boxes from work. If you know a company or a health food store they have the boxes they get vitamins and minerals in they are a nice sized box for shipping.


  3. Another great place is Paper Mart.

    They are located Orange, California. I find their prices to be better than Uline.

    Their shipping is reasonable and in Southern California, they deliver next day in their own trucks for about $16 an order or free with orders of $300 or more.

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