Jan 102014
Retail Stores That Accept Paypal Payments

If you’re looking for retail stores that accept Paypal as a form of payment then here’s a list and some links you can use to find the ones that are closest to you. Before we get to the list though, you should know that you’ll probably need either a an Android smart phone or an […]

Nov 112013
Paypal Prepaid Card by Mastercard Review

If you’re wondering  if the Paypal Prepaid  Debit Mastercard is right for you, then here are some facts to help you make your decision. We’ll start off with some basics and then list the pros and cons of the card one by one. First, you should be aware that this card offers one convenience that no […]

Jul 162013
Paypal Smart Connect Card Review

In the world of online credit cards, there are many different options at a shopper’s disposal. Paypal has been a leading name in the online shopping world for many years now, so you would think that Paypal would have a competitive lease on the credit card situation. They have two different offers for shoppers: the […]

Jul 142013
Paypal Extras Mastercard Review | Is it Any Good?

So, you are looking for an easy way to make purchases online. You want a payment option that is cheap, upfront on fees, and accepted at many online retailers. If you were to visit Paypal, you would be inundated with a myriad of advertisements about their Paypal Extras Mastercard. After seeing this advertisement is everywhere […]