Oct 142014
Why is There so Much Cheap Chinese Stuff on eBay?

If you’ve ever wondered why there is so many cheap items on eBay from Chinese sellers, you are not alone. How can they possibly be making any money on an item that only costs a few dollars with no shipping charge? You couldn’t even ship the same thing to your neighbor’s house for that amount, […]

Sep 212014
eBay Sell for Me Valet Service Review

The eBay Sell For Me service sells items items for you. Instead of having to write a listing  and then ship your item you can simply have and “eBay Valet” do it for a small fee. It does cost more than listing it yourself, but you don’t have to do any of the work and […]

Feb 102014
eCommerce Giant Alibaba Launches eBay Competitor 11Main

Is the end of eBay as we know it at hand? What if I told you a Chinese company larger than eBay and Amazon combined has decided to launch a site to compete directly with eBay? Well, that’s exactly what is going to happen and it’s called 11main.com. According to this article on ecommercebytes.com: “eBay’s […]

Feb 092014
eBay Selling Limits on New Sellers | What You Can Do

If you’ve received a message telling you that you have just reached your eBay selling limits then you’re probably a bit frustrated. You may be wondering what these limits are, how long they last, and if you can get them removed. In this article we’ll look at each kind of eBay selling limit and tell […]

Jan 312014
eBay Seller Fees Explained in Simple Terms

If you’re a new seller on eBay then you need to know about eBay listing fees. Specifically, there are insertion fees and final value fees that you will be charged. There are also Paypal fees for processing your customer’s  payment. And then there are costs associated with shipping your item you need to consider too. […]

Jan 192014
Where to Find Good Things to Sell on eBay

Finding good things to sell on eBay can be a real challenge for new sellers. It can also be a challenge to come up with ongoing eBay business ideas for more seasoned sellers. To help you out we’ve compiled a list of ideas that you can use to find some products to sell. With most […]

Jan 132014
10 Places to Get Free HTML eBay Listing Templates

If you want to improve your eBay listings and sell more items, then some free eBay listing templates may be exactly what you need. For a long time eBay has offered it’s own listing templates through Listing Designer for a fee. But it’s just an HTML template and you don’t need eBay to do it […]