Jan 262014
Amazon Fulfillment and Distribution Center Locations Map

For whatever reason, it’s top secret. There is no official list of Amazon fulfillment center locations. You can go search Amazon’s website but this is all you get. It tells you which cities and states the distribution centers are in, but not the addresses. If you’re an Amazon seller attempting to find these addresses this […]

Jan 092014
12 Tips for Selling on Amazon

Amazon  is now the largest ecommerce site on the internet so it’s naturally a great place to sell your items. But that popularity means it also has the most competition from other sellers. If you want your items to stand out from the crowd then you need to go the extra mile and do some […]

Oct 252013
The Amazon Student Discount and Prime Membership

Most people do not know about  Amazon’s great discounts and student benefits. There also seems to be some confusion over the difference between Amazon Prime and the Amazon Student Discount program. In this article, I will discuss each program and how they are related to one another. By the end, you should hopefully understand Amazon […]

Jul 012013
The Amazon Return Policy | What You Need to Know

In dealing with the internet commerce giant, Amazon.com, there are often many unanswered questions. One of the vaguest issues is the Amazon return policy. Exactly how, why, and when can products be returned? Well, this article aims to answer those questions in a comprehensive and simple manner. General Return Policy There really is a surprisingly […]