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Amazon Student Discount LogoMost people do not know about  Amazon’s great discounts and student benefits. There also seems to be some confusion over the difference between Amazon Prime and the Amazon Student Discount program.

In this article, I will discuss each program and how they are related to one another. By the end, you should hopefully understand Amazon Prime and the Amazon Student Membership and the benefits they each provide respectively. Each one can save you some money. Together they can save you a lot of money.

Amazon Prime

The Amazon Prime program is the holy grail of Amazon’s options. It is easy for anyone to  join, and will only cost you $79 USD per year. Some people may get sticker shock when they see that number, but it only breaks down to about $6.58 per month. This is actually really cheap for the benefits you will be receiving.

There are three primary benefits to the Amazon Prime program. First of all, you will get free two-day shipping on all eligible items. This usually does not include items from independent sellers (though it can), but I never have any trouble finding an eligible item in my searches. The savings on this benefit alone are staggering, as I’m sure Amazon loses money with me alone around Christmas.

The second benefit is a Netflix-style streaming service. While you can certainly use the Amazon Prime streaming service to rent and buy movies and TV shows, Prime members also have access to a huge library of free titles. This library easily rivals Netflix or Redbox, and may even contain selections that the others do not have.

The last benefit is the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. With this feature, you can borrow one eligible Kindle book per month. This aspect of the Prime membership could use some tweaking, as I think it could use more high profile selections. That said, it is still a great addition to this program’s formula.

This Amazon Prime membership is open to anyone that has the money. It is not some elite club or anything. All you have to do it pay the money, and enjoy the benefits. But you have a student to get into the student discount program.

Amazon Student Discount

The Amazon Student Discount is a different beast altogether. However, it does indeed have an important relationship with Prime. Amazon Student is for college students; and, as such, will require verification of your studentship. Amazon will ask you for your school’s code, and they will verify your status in no time at all. Once they verify your status, you can join Amazon Student for free. That’s right, it is free.

Amazon Student is a program that offers three primary benefits. First, it offers free two-day shipping for six months. I suppose this is to encourage students to purchase school books and supplies from Amazon. Those shipping costs can really add up when you are purchasing a dozen books (usually $3.99 each to ship), and so Amazon Student provides a safety net and stretches grant and loan money much further.

Secondly, an Amazon Student membership will provide you with notifications and discounts via email. A few times a month, Amazon Student will send you emails about specials on college items, or will even send credits for Amazon MP3 or other programs. In the time that I was with Amazon Student, I probably received easily $50 or more in credits. It was like Christmas, I’ll tell you.

The third and probably best benefit of the Amazon Student membership is connected directly to Amazon Prime. Your account will automatically qualify you for Amazon Prime for a low price of $39 per year. Yes, that is only $3.25 per month.

This is a ridiculously low price, and the only way to receive this pricing is by joining Amazon Student. This discount will apply for four years, at which time you can renew it or let it upgrade to the standard Prime membership.

Is It Worth It?

As you can see there is a difference between Amazon Prime and the  Amazon Student Discount but they are related. Amazon Student has unique benefits but also allows you access to lower pricing on Amazon Prime.  I highly recommend that you join both programs if you are eligible. These programs saved me hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars over the course of my study. Amazon has much lower prices on school books, and usually you can get the shipping for free. So, yes, these programs are both worth your time; that is, if you like to save money.

If you are interested, the signup for Amazon Prime can be found here. And the signup for the Amazon Student Discount can be found here.

  5 Responses to “The Amazon Student Discount and Prime Membership”

  1. Tried to sign up for Prime student and says not available. Am I eligible for this?

  2. How do I find my university’s code?

  3. I am a college student at Coastal Carolina University, and I would like to join the free student membership program.

  4. Hello. This information is inaccurate. I am aware that it was written in 2013. The Amazon Student Membership is not “free,” nor is it “$39” per year. It is a subscription-based service, which now currently charges “$57” per year. Not sure why the external link to this article was included on the Amazon site.


  5. I have signed up for the 30 day trial Prime but was told as an educator there was a discount in the membership fee for us too! It is going to expire on the 20th of January. It will cost me $99.00 otherwise. Thanks!

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