Nov 042013

Amazon is Better Than Ebay LogoIf you’re already an Amazon seller then you might agree that there are a lot of reasons why selling on Amazon is better than eBay. However, if you’re an eBay seller you really should consider the following with an open mind. You just might find that there are a few things that could win you over. 


Amazon offers a fulfillment service where you can ship your items to one of their warehouses and they will fill your orders for you. That is an amazing convenience that eBay does not offer at all. This is a clear win for anyone who doesn’t want to handle shipping things day in and day out.

No Paypal

Amazon has an integrated payment processor so you don’t have to deal with any 3rd party payment systems. One login, one transaction to look at, and one invoice for the fees. A lot less headache for you.

More Traffic

Amazon has long since surpassed eBay in terms of visitor web traffic. As of the writing of this article Alexa ranks Amazon’s traffic at 11th in the world and 5th in the United States. eBay is ranked 20th in the world and 8th in the United States. It might be worth noting that Craigslist is ranked 49th in the world and 10th in the United States, just 2 spots behind eBay.


eBay is notorious for constantly changing the appearance and navigation of its website for no good reason. It is also constantly changing its user policies and fee structure. Amazon just plods along only making changes when absolutely necessary.

Simpler Listing

You can literally write an Amazon listing in 30 seconds. Just enter an items UPC code and a price and Amazon does the rest. Try doing that on eBay!

Better Site Search

Amazon has a straight forward search that lists things in sequence. eBay’s Cassini Search Engine intentionally makes it so that some preferred sellers are always seen and others are not. 

Fees Charged Upfront

When you sell something on Amazon the fees are immediately taken so you know what you’re getting paid right away. eBay sends an invoice at the end of the month which can catch you a bit off guard if you haven’t been keeping an eye on things.

No Annoying Emails

Lately eBay has been spamming me. No I mean really spamming me. In one week I got 3 emails encouraging me to check out different lines of women’s clothing. I’m a dude. I don’t get that kind of stuff from Amazon.

No Deadbeat Bidders

I’ve had tons of deadbeat bidders on eBay. I constantly have to file non-paying bidder cases to get my seller fees back. No such thing on Amazon. If a customer doesn’t complete a checkout, the item is just returned to active inventory and there are no fees to recover because none were charged to begin with!

Amazon Buyers Are Smarter

OK, I’ll admit this one may just be personal opinion but I’ve noticed that the amount of stupid questions I get from eBay buyers completely outnumber those that I get on Amazon. Example: I sell something that has the measurements clearly marked in the ad but someone on eBay always ignores the listing and writes me to ask what the measurement are anyway. For some reason I don’t get that on Amazon.

  6 Responses to “10 Reasons Why Selling on Amazon is Better Than eBay”

  1. I find it impossible to sell on Amazon except one soap..,.and that is for stains! No body soaps, tinctures, salves, vitamin C, no shampoo or anything else that I make which is of exceptional quality…because I must have my business registered with certain bodies in Europe which will cost me a small fortune!! No thanks! If it weren’t so difficult I would be able to make a decent income on there. As it stands I get about $10 a month hahaha

  2. I love the honesty here, Joel. The process of creating and publishing is very difficult, and we don’t always get to see rewards right away. I think your commitment will be the difrfeentiating factor that sees this project through to success.Thanks for letting us see the process by the product!

  3. Selling on Amazon is hands down far and away the better of the two. Ebay is a complete waste of time for e-commerce sellers. Multiple tard emails from people who either cant read a listing or don’t take the time too. It always seems like Ebay and PayPal are out to stick you with as much fees as they possibly can. Amazon has one up front fee and you are not charged unless the item is paid for and ship to the customer. Ebay takes fees from you as soon as the auction ends whether the transaction can be completed or not. Ebay is basically an online yardsale. You never know what your gonna get. Amazon actually took the time to take our entire inventory from our website and input it into a spreadsheet and then push those listings to Amazon. Had 8 sells in the first 30 minutes of being listed on Amazon. Try getting Ebay to do anything for you. Hah! And whether they admit it or not they have their favorite sellers and they advertise those sellers listings over everyone elses which is not only wrong but actually illegal in the world of internet commerce. Look it up. I think about how many hours of my life I wasted on Ebay so many times a day. And oh by the way I sell 40 to 60 listings a day on Amazon and I did not create one listing. Amazon did it all for me. Enough said. Ebay is a dump.

  4. I think it depends on the item…

    Amazon probably is not the best place for antiques, used furniture, etc.

    My guess is, Amazon is suited more for new items.

    Also, Amazon limits what they pay for shipping. For example, I was thinking of listing a collector plate on Amazon. The shipping would have cost around $11.00, and Amazon only would pay a maximum of something like $7.00. When I contacted Amazon and questioned them about this discrepancy, they said there wasn’t anything they could do. So if I sold the plate on Amazon, the shipping cost would have to come out of the profit, which wasn’t much to begin with, anyway…

  5. Yes has same experience. Selling both in Amazon and Ebay. Amazon is much much better in lot of ways.

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