Amazon Fee Calculator


Amazon fee calculator showing a profit.

You can use our Amazon Fee Calculator to figure out your profit after all of your Amazon comission fees, transaction processing fees, and shipping fees. Fill in all of the boxes below for a correct calculation.

Amazon Fee Calculator Instructions
  • Do you have a Pro Merchant Account: Enter yes or no.
  • Listing Category: Select the Listing Category you are going to list your item under.
  • Sale Price: Enter the amount you will sell your item for.
  • Cost of Item: Enter what your item cost you.
  • Shipping Method: Select the Shipping Method that you’re going to use to send your item to the customer.
  • Shipping Weight: Enter the shipping weight of your item rounded up to the nearest pound.
  • Cost to Ship: Enter the amount it will actually cost to ship your item.
  • Per Item Fee: Shows an Amazon charge of $.99 per item you sell unless you have a Pro Merchant Account with them. Then there is no fee ($.00) .
  • Amazon Referral Fee: Shows the fee for successfully listing your item on Amazon based on your sale price, varies by category.
  • Variable Closing Fee: Shows the closing fee based on item weight and shipping method.
  • Total Amazon Fees: Shows all of your Amazon fees added together.
  • Amazon Shipping Credit: Shows the amount Amazon will automatically charge the buyer for shipping and pass along to you. If you specified something other than Amazon’s automatic shipping calculations, this will not be correct and you will have to manually make an adjustment to your profit based on any additional amount you charged beyond the calculated Amazon credit.
  • Profit (or loss): Final calculation of what you will make on a sale. It includes the shipping credit shown above.

For full details on Amazon’s selling fees and policies visit the official Amazon Fees Page.

This Amazon Fee Calculator is current with the latest fees established Feb. 18, 2013. Although I’ve done my best and thoroughly checked it, I make no guarantee of it’s accuracy.

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