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Over the years stricter policies and higher fees have left many sellers asking the question, “Where else can I sell my items besides eBay? Until recently, there haven’t been any real alternatives to eBay for internet sellers. But there are now plenty of other good sites and eBay is starting to feel the heat. Whatever your reason is for wanting an alternative, here’s a list of your best options. We’ve presented them in order of their internet traffic ranking.

It’s important to note that traffic rank helps you see how many people visit a site and gives you a general idea of its overall popularity. However, it’s not the only thing you should consider. These alternatives also differ in listing format, category specialization, fees, and payment processors. You should read each review carefully to see which one is right for you.

Top 15 Alternative Sites to eBay

Amazon.com Website.


Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. Technically, even larger than eBay. It started as an online bookstore, but soon diversified, selling DVDs, CDs, video and MP3 downloads, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. The company also produces consumer electronics. Notably the Amazon Kindle e-book reader and the Kindle Fire tablet computer. It is now also a major provider of cloud computing services.

For the small internet seller Amazon is good for selling box store merchandise like electronics, video games, and DVDs. It is not the right place for customized items, hand made items, or artwork. Competition is high and so are the fees but it can be a good trade for the amount of traffic your listing will receive.

  • Traffic Rank: 5.
  • Format: Fixed Price Listings.
  • Fees: 8% to 25% varying by listing, optional $39.99 monthly subscription for a pro sellers account.
  • Payment Processor: Amazon handles its own payments.
  • Pros: Largest ecommerce site on the net.
  • Cons: Highest fees, frustratingly complex fee structure.

Craigslist.com Website.


Craigslist is a classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, items for sale, items wanted, services, community, gigs, resumes, and discussion forums.

You can sell almost anything you want on Craigslist. The rules are not strict and unlike any other site they are mostly enforced by the community itself. The catch is that all of the buyer searches are done by location so you’ll only be reaching people in your area. Craigslist also doesn’t have any personal or transaction safeguards.  You’ll be on your own to protect your privacy and handle your own transaction by cash or check.

  • Traffic Rank: 9.
  • Format: Classified Ads.
  • Fees: Free.
  • Payment Processor: You.
  • Pros: It’s free, you can’t beat that. Ideal for selling items to large or difficult to ship. Also ideal for selling local services.
  • Cons: It’s only good for local sales. It’s seller beware, guard your personal information.

Etsy.com Website.


Etsy is focused on handmade and vintage items.  These items cover a wide range including art, clothing, photography, jewelry, food, bath and beauty products, knick-knacks, quilts, and toys. Many people also sell craft supplies such as beads, wire, and jewelry making tools. All vintage items must be a minimum of 20 years old.

If you’re an artist, craftsman, or antiques dealer then Etsy is for you. Shoppers here a looking for a personal touch with the items they buy. It’s a popular enough site to make a lot of sales but at the same time it keeps a community feel that eBay lost long ago.

  • Traffic Rank: 57.
  • Format: Fixed Price.
  • Fees: 20 cents per listing plus 3.5% of the sale price. Setting up a storefront is free.
  • Payment Processor: Etsy has its own payment processing. You can also use Paypal, check, or money order.
  • Pros: Inexpensive and very popular.
  • Cons: You can only list hand crafted or vintage items.

Newegg.com Website.


Newegg.com was originally founded as an online retailer of computer hardware and software. In the past few years they have begun to expand by adding more categories and inviting 3rd party sellers to take part in their marketplace. Their categories now include: Apparel & Accessories, Arts & Crafts, Auto & Hardware, Baby, Beauty, Consumer Electronics, Home & Living, Jewelry, Luggage & Bags, Outdoor & Garden, Sporting Goods, Toys, Games & Hobbies, and  Watches. The Newegg marketplace actually consists of two websites. It’s original tech based site newegg.com and now neweggmall.com for additional sales.

People who like to sell retail items would do well here. They have a lot in common with Amazon in that respect. However, Newegg has much cheaper fees and simpler fee structure. Best of all they don’t charge additional fees for processing payments. The cost is already included in the commission fee.

  • Traffic Rank 153.
  • Format: Fixed Price.
  • Fees: Flat commission on sales ranging from 8% to 15% depending on category. But no credit card processing fees.
  • Payment Processor: Newegg has its own payment processing.
  • Pros: Fairly inexpensive, no payment processing fees.
  • Cons: Small sellers might be put off by the very corporate feel of the sellers program. A W-9 is required just to sign up.

Ioffer.com Website.


iOffer is slightly different  from the usual online auction business model and instead adopts a “negotiated commerce model”, which is a nice way of saying haggling online.  It operates on the basis of negotiation between buyers and sellers rather than auction style bidding with a “buy now” or “make offer” button. The website advertises this distinction, saying: “This is not an auction. It’s better!” When a negotiation concludes successfully, iOffer charges the seller a “final value fee” based on a sliding scale.

This is another site for retail style items. It is inexpensive and has a fee structure that can be understood within a few minutes by looking at a simple chart. Many sellers have reported success here with items that were removed from eBay because of its strict listing policies.

  • Traffic Rank: 1,461.
  • Format: Fixed Price or Make an Offer.
  • Fees: A sliding scale of about 5% to 10% on sale + shipping price. Free listings and free store.
  • Payment Processor: Google Checkout, Payza, Amazon Payments.
  • Pros: Allows some items eBay does not.
  • Cons: No phone support.

Ecrater.com Website.


eCRATER is a web store builder and an online marketplace in one that allows sellers to create online stores for free. If your items are eligible, they are also submitted to Google Shopping. As an added incentive, Ecrater has an option to import your eBay listings for you. It’s kind of like an online shopping mall where you don’t have to pay any rent to be a merchant.

This site is good for sellers with lots of small, inexpensive items that would be difficult to sell on sites with higher fees. Although it will get some traffic from Google Shopping, you should be prepared to do some promotions of your own because this site doesn’t have the traffic of the larger online outlets.

  • Traffic Rank: 2,275.
  • Format: Fixed Price.
  • Fees: Free. Optional 2.9% marketplace advertising fee.
  • Payment Processor: PayPal, Google Wallet, Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Personal Check, COD.
  • Pros: Free and lots of categories. Great for small inexpensive items. Integrated with Google Shopping.
  • Cons: The storefronts it creates are very plain. Does not allow HTML in the ads. No phone support.

Bonanza.com Website.


Bonanza is not shy about being an alternative to eBay. On their site it says: “Bonanza is an eBay built to help buyers make serendipitous discoveries. Our browsing experience guides buyers through our inventory of more than 4 million items to find the product that’s perfect for their tastes.”

This site could be a true replacement for eBay. They have a combination of retail and hand-made items and tons of categories to sell in. They do seem to have a focus on higher-end clothing and fashion though, so if that’s what you sell you might do particularly well here. They also have a focus on community and social sharing that other sites lack which is really nice. And just to make it easy they have a built-in listing import function for eBay and Etsy ads. As this site gains in popularity look for it to become a real competitor.

  • Traffic Rank: 2,539.
  • Format: Fixed Price.
  • Fees: Most of the time 3.5% of the sale price. No listing fees. Some paid upgrades available.
  • Payment Processor: Google Checkout, Checkout by Amazon, Paypal, Money Order.
  • Pros: Wide range of categories. Lots of ways to promote yourself. Live chat support for big merchants.
  • Cons: Still not as much traffic as the larger sites.

Artfire.com Website.


ArtFire is an interactive online community designed to bring together buyers and sellers of artistic goods. Like Etsy they specialize in handmade goods, fine art, vintage, designed items, supplies and media. On their website they claim that: “ArtFire was built as a marketplace for artisans by artisans to celebrate the unique individuality of artists and crafters around the globe.”

This site has a lot in common with Etsy but has lower fees and it is integrated with Google Product Base which it automatically submits your listings to. It will appeal to the artist, craftsman, or antiques dealer who has a tight budget. Its downfall is that it has way less traffic than Etsy.

  • Traffic Rank: 4,000.
  • Format: Fixed Price.
  • Fees: $12.95 per month subscription fee.
  • Payment Processor: PayPal, Bill Me Later, ProPay, and Amazon Payments.
  • Pros: Phone support, integrated with Google Product Base, very inexpensive.
  • Cons: Less traffic than Etsy.

Ebid.net Website.


Ebid is probably the oldest and most established alternative to eBay.  In many ways it is what eBay was 10 years ago.  If you like how eBay worked back in the day then you might like this site. It also has several similar sites in other countries making it appealing to international sellers.

This site will appeal to eBay sellers who want a site that functions like eBay but with out the high fees and constant changes. However, Ebid has one issue that strikes me as extremely odd. After more than 10 years in business it does not own ebid.com but instead operates from ebid.net. You would think by now that an ecommerce site would own its own .com name.

  • Traffic Rank: 9,116.
  • Format: Auction and Fixed Price.
  • Fees: Varies with subscription and upgrade options, but starts with a flat 3% on the sale price of your item.
  • Payment Processor: PPPay, Paypal, Amazon Checkout, and Skrill.
  • Pros: Strong international presence. Can import eBay and Amazon Listings. Google Shopping Marketplace Partner.
  • Cons: It uses ebid.net not ebid.com which is confusing. Even after 10 years in business still has really low traffic numbers.

Tias.com Website.


TIAS (The Internet Antique Shop) is an online retail marketplace for antiques and collectibles. It is one of the oldest antique shops on the web. Sellers can choose from several store formats allowing some personalization that other sites lack. While many sites allow you to import your eBay auctions, Tias actually has a function to automatically submit your items to eBay instead. It also can submit your listings to over 2000 classified ad networks.

This site is for antique sellers only. Its fees are a bit high to get started but you’ll get exposure to buyers who are definitely there to see antiques and nothing else.

  • Traffic Rank: 22,756.
  • Format: Fixed Price.
  • Fees: $39.95 per month or 10% commission whichever is higher.
  • Payment Processor: has its own payment system, Paypal, Check, or Money Order.
  • Pros: Highly specialized niche marketplace guarantees buyers are there to see items like yours.
  • Cons: Minimum of $39.95 just to get started.

Bidstart.com Website.


Bidstart offers sellers of collectibles the option to sell their items in auction, fixed price, and store inventory formats. All the features that sellers would expect from an online auction site are available to them.  Including gallery images, image hosting, best offers, reserve prices and listing upgrades. Bidstart is an online marketplace and community connecting buyers and sellers of collectibles; including stamps, coins, comics, sports cards and more.

This website is for collectable sellers only. Its fees are decent and you’ll get exposure to buyers who are there to see collectable items.

  • Traffic Rank: 24,189.
  • Format: Auction and Fixed Price.
  • Fees: 8% or less on a sliding scale.
  • Payment Processor: PayPal, Google Checkout, Money Bookers, or Checks/Money Orders.
  • Pros: Specialized marketplace makes it more likely that buyers are there to see items like yours. Good Tech Support.
  • Cons: Fee structure is a bit complicated.

Rubylane.com Website.


Ruby Lane is an online retail marketplace for collectibles, antiques, art and jewelry. It has an excellent reputation and has a decent following among the buyers and sellers of high-end antiques, collectibles, and vintage items. The site doesn’t charge commissions or final value fees like most places. Instead, it charges a monthly fee combined with listing fees that start out at 30 cents each.

This site is best suited for high-end antiques and collectible sellers who have the money to pay fees up front. Its lower traffic ranking doesn’t hurt because it’s marketing directly to affluent buyers in a very specific niche.

  • Traffic Rank: 24,244.
  • Format: Fixed Price and Make and Offer.
  • Fees: $15 setup fee, then $54 minimum monthly fee. Listings are 30 cents each, but no commission or final value fees.
  • Payment Processor: Paypal and Amazon Payments.
  • Pros: Live chat support, allows Skype between buyers and sellers.
  • Cons: Expensive to get started on for new sellers.

Onlineauction.com Website.


Onlineauction is a true auction site where the highest bid wins. The site features a low $8 monthly membership fee, no listing or re-listing fees, and no sales commissions. Sellers can also post personal website information with every listing. It was founded by a former eBay Powerseller who got fed up with them “Injecting themselves into each and every transaction making things difficult, awkward, and very expensive.”

This site is for people who love auctions they way they used to be on eBay. It is doing everything right for sellers who are looking for an alternative to eBay except for one thing, traffic. However for $8 a month and the ability to link to your other online ads from your listing, you really can’t go wrong. To be honest, I have no idea why this site doesn’t have higher traffic rank. It is very likeable. Perhaps it will grow more in the future.

  • Traffic Rank: 92,812.
  • Format: Auction.
  • Fees: $8 per month.
  • Payment Processor: Paypal, Checks, and Money Orders.
  • Pros: Cheap. No rules about placing contact info or direct links in your ads. Auto extension on auctions to prevent sniping and increase sales prices. Live support.
  • Cons: Really low internet traffic rank.

Ealtbay.com Website.


According to their website Ealtbay is an internet auction site set up to provide an alternative to eBay for five reasons. They are: listing bans on legal items, fees, payment restrictions, lack of feedback for buyers, and a dysfunctional search engine.

Well this site is the alternative to eBay if you believe the name. It is for anyone who has gotten really burned by eBay and wants the world to know it. It’s one huge advantage is that it allows you to sell anything that is legal to sell without restriction. It’s downfall is that it has so little internet traffic that you’re unlikely to sell anything except those items that have been banned on eBay.

  • Traffic Rank: 949,256.
  • Format: Auction.
  • Fees: 1.6% of sale price.
  • Payment Processor: Paypal, Checks, and Money Orders.
  • Pros: Cheap. You can sell all the things that eBay doesn’t allow here.
  • Cons: Almost no traffic.

The Best Alternative to eBay

So which one of the above is the best? First I’d have to say that if one of the niche sites matches what you do that would probably be the your best option. Having a site specialized in your item will bring you direct traffic from people looking to buy specifically what you have. The best overall alternative though is probably Bonanza. It is simple, elegant, cheap, and becoming more and more popular. It does lack online auctions so you’ll have to get used to listing only fixed price, but many buyers prefer that now anyway.

Article Update: Tophatter a 16th Site

About a month after writing this article I found another site that was worth including in the list, Tophatter.com. It’s an auction only site with its own unique twist. The auction takes place with actual on-screen avatars and real-time chat. If you would like to check it out you can visit their page here.

2nd Article Update: 11Main a 17th Site

Now a year after publishing this article another major competitor has entered the market backed by the Chinese ecommerce powerhouse Alibaba. 11Main.com promises to be an alternative worth checking into. They are a curated site though which means not everyone gets approved to be a seller. You can check them out here.

  176 Responses to “The Top 15 Best Alternatives to eBay”

  1. Looking for the best eBay alternative? Then you should definitely give Happeno a try! Happeno’s transaction fee is just 3%. No monthly fees. Automatic deposits. Secure transactions. Free and unlimited listings. Open your free store on https://www.happeno.com/

    • I freaking love Happeno! Best eBay alternative out there! They got super good support (did you hear that slow eBay??) and they only have 3% fee per sale. eBay is going down.

  2. PayPal did not do anything they said they were going to do, I got ripped off by my customers as well as them for a lot of money. I’ve been selling on Etsy after being fed up with high fees on eBay My shop is hoarderhaven,
    The only problem is they don’t get as much traffic as eBay

  3. I am using TrueGether – http://www.truegether.com – with some success. It is a free marketplace and probably the only one. I suggest giving it a shot.

  4. P.S.
    It’s also worth mentioning that Amazon only allows people to sell manufactured items with an EAN / barcode number or ISBN number etc. making it useless for 99.999% of items for sale. I sell Silver coins from the reign of Elizabeth I. Amazon still cannot understand they they didn’t have barcodes in the 16th century 🙂

  5. Thank you all for sharing your stories of eBay, I have been with them since 1998, 18 years I honestly do not know how I have survived. The hatred I have is effecting my health at this point but I still have bills to pay and lots of inventory. I sell fine art dolls antique dolls doll house stuff and fine teddy bears. Once upon a time before the world got so screwed I had a beautiful store in New York but then China overtook the toy doll market and I was screwed. I still had my antique and art doll business and supplemented with eBay. Three years ago I closed my store I held on with the edge of my fingertips but could not pay the 3000.00 month rent.
    Just did my taxes I paid eBay and PayPal 7500.00 last year in fees. What is going on I must be crazy. How can I continue with this company that I actually despise for so many reasons. The fees the rules the customer service that is so damn condescending. I think sometimes that I am going crazy cause I hate myself too for continuing this.
    I need to get out but where there are over 500 Utes in my eBay store. Where do I start how to move this the hours the time. Oh well maybe I will just drop dead I have been sick for 3 months and I know this depression about my business is part of the sickness, it all feels so helpless. Thanks for listening.

  6. I too have had my fill of eBay. I won’t go into detail because I experienced many of the problems that I have read about here. I sell high end and lower end jewelry. Am looking for a selling site similar to eBay but wallet and seller friendly. HELP Please! Thank you Wendy

  7. Ebay is losing everybody because they have ruined their own site. Nothing works anymore….there are all kinds of theoretical refinements you can add to your search, and when you are through, it just reverts to what it was before you started. You waste hours and hours just trying to program a search that doesn’t work at all when you are finished.

  8. I use E-bay and I do admit the problems I have are do to no negative feedback being left for buyers and only sellers. I also sell on Tradesy with no problems.If a buyer is not happy with an item they can return it and Tradesy refunds their money and keeps the item and resells it.The buyer does not have to do anything.Only problem with Tradesy,low traffic.Slow sales.I have only sold maybe $200.00 in a year on their site.Spread the word of other sites for more traffic creating increased sales.

  9. When Ebay started 1995 it was a website with nothing on it. The only reason there’s an Ebay today is because people rolled the dice on what was then a crap shoot. You’re not going to “find” an auction with 60 million active users, you’ll have to find one with potential and use it, promote it until it becomes huge. I have a site with more features and costs less than Ebay, but until people decide to do something different it will remain an empty space on the internet.

  10. there is NO OTHER OPTION like ebay that currently exists. That is the truth. All we can hope for is that ebay continues to decline and someone rises from the rubble.

  11. I have been an E-Bay seller for 7 months and the fees and hidden fees have exploded to the point where I can no longer make a profit. I buy and sell collectibles at a reasonable price, with my listings averaging about $15 per item so it is all about volume. Unfortunately, as Ebay charges more and more for each listing, including shipping fees, listing fees, and sold item fees, I can no longer make a profit, and I feel as though I am working for Ebay, not the other way around. I have begun to move some of my listings over to vflea and will try them for a month. If I get reasonable traffic and interest, I will stay there. If not, I will be looking for another alternative in a month.

  12. Well, I have read all the comments and finally got no solution. The problem is that there are a lot of websites who want to run this business. And this makes the traffic on their sites slower. It could be better if we had one or two websites alternative to Ebay. I am from Istanbul/Turkey and I know many sellers in Turkey were kicked out from Ebay even though their reputation were very high. I know 2 guys with 100% positive feedbacks on their sells for almost 2 years. It is really hard to understand what ebay wants to do. But it seems that they want to make more money out of junk sellers from china and india. I am a silver jewelry producer in Turkey and I am shocked to see that the sellers in China selling silver necklace for 1,00 USD. They are absolutely frauds and selling silver plated stuff. I was planning to start business on e-bay but I am suspicious about e-bay after I read people’s bad experiences.

    Finally I decided to try my chance on ebay. I will also open store on ioffer.com which seems the trafic is not so bad. I saw some sellers sold thousands of pieces per year. I think it can be good schoice.

    Good luck to everyone.

  13. Just and FYI Mark Lore who started Diapers.com and Soap.com, subsequently selling them to Amazon for a half billion is starting a new online marketplace. It’s called Jet and it’s 100% legitimate. I think it’s going to be successful but not sure if it will be an auction site or just a marketplace similar to Amazon. Regardless, they’re giving away free memberships to people who sign up before Feb 6th so it’s worth it to join and take a peek when they open up in the spring or summer. Here’s a link you can click on to join up. Once you get to the page scroll down and enter & submit your email address and you’ll be signed up for a free 6 month membership.

  14. We just launched http://www.rbidz.com earlier this week. Rbidz is an Auction & Buy Now site. We have created a very simple marketplace for buyers and sellers. We offer Free listings with a small final value fee. Remember the site is new and we are looking for quality sellers with unique items. Check us out today and give us a whirl. Thanks Rbidz

  15. Every seller now is rushing away from eBay & Paypal. They are both shooting themselves in the foot by what they are doing to sellers. They could have had millions of sellers if they didn’t turn into such a dictator type company.

  16. We just started up Peerhub at: http://www.peerhub.com

    Peerhub is very easy to use and very low cost. It’s more like Ebay & Craigslist combined and you can accept Bitcoin. We are also trying to build a community too so hopefully you guys join and grow with us. Feel free to check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks.

  17. Who is the (same) guy who deliberately keeps bashing Bonanza, like he’s got a vendetta or is a competitor? Really weird.

    So, have we helped one another? No. We have to find our own way: what works for some, does not work for all.

    I’ve spent a lot of time reading here, and it has been a waste.

    I’m going to do my own homework.

    Best Wished to all. I’m going to get off here and get a life.

    • I’ve been doing pretty good using Craig’s List to unload a bunch of collectible old stuff I’ve acquired over the years. I use the brand name and style in the header so a buyer’s Google search will pick it up. Then I keep updated lists of what I have left in that category to send via e-mail if they’re interested. Only take payments using US Postal money orders since those have the same anti-counterfeiting features like our paper currency plus the PO can trace the serial number to see where it was purchased if I have any doubts about the buyer’s honesty. Taking payment like that also protects the buyer from fraud by me. I also use the USPS for shipping since my rural route carrier will pick up the packages I leave out by the door. No listing and sales/shipping fees makes selling low priced items easier by using the USPS flat rate boxes. The buyers will buy more if they’ll fit into one box.

  18. Hi

    if everyone dissatisfied with e-bay would go elsewhere maybe e-bay would go away.


  19. EBID is horrible, no traffic, It is perfect if you live in the UK, they have lots of sales over there, but US, forget it. I had 150 items listed for over a year, sold 1 item. There fee’s are great, but what good is that if you never get a sale? I absolutely am disgusted with Ebay, now they are going to charge the sellers for returns starting Sept 14th, 2014, the buyers can print a return label and the cost will be billed to the seller. It is all slanted to the buyer and the seller gets screwed again. Plus Ebay takes 10% on the cost of the shipping, which should be illegal, they are like thiefs, they just can not take enough away from the sellers. There needs to be another way to sell that has traffic, to give Ebay competition.

  20. Many years ago my business partner got me in trouble ,paypal was on his name .
    All was blocked paypal, 99% payed everyone back . Had contact with ebay they helped me with a new account and they would close the old account after i fixed i my trouble i wanted a fresh start.
    However there was a old amount the last account i had to pay back but ebay would not send me a new payment request for the open amount to my new paypal .
    Time after time no awnser .
    Phone call after phone call nothing .
    Today after 1 hour nothing on the phone and later on a nother half hour .
    They told me no matter if i would pay there will be always be a Ebay selling restriction my account .Due to what happened to my old account .

    I do sell electronic parts

    will be mine new site to sell on from now one .

    if someone have more good options please be welcome to post a link

    thanks to all who post , good luck with the selling .

    god speed .


    the netherlands

  21. well ebay have just kicked me off for a complete load of rubbish…a couple of bad reports because the buyer couldnt be bothered to collect the item from their sorting office, and another two buyers left me bad feedback because the items were faulty…never giving me the opportunity to replace or refund. That took my 100% rating down to 98.6! And thats it…suspended indefinitely….im left with £7000 worth of stock and not a clue what to do!

  22. Enjoy reading so many of the comments. I’ve been searching & researching; trying to find the best alternative to eBay. I do wish to quit selling there but, none of the other sites look very promising. I joined eBid and do like their site. Posting listing is so quick & easy. Images come out looking sharp & large. However – sales are very slow for most; I think. I have not sold anything there for a lengthy amount of time & have barely any listings active at this time. I think the site would do better with more sellers & most items to chose from. I deal, mostly, with sports cards. When I check out the listings, not many sellers in this category. Adding to the problem is the cards they post for sale. Way too much early 90s product that was mass produced. I think this drives potential buyers away from the site. When they see so much crap listed, I’m sure they don’t want to waste their time to look around. I used to do fairly well on a site called Wensy.com but, it shut down. It was completely free. In about 4 years time, I had over 5,000 feedback. None of the current eBay alternatives look so promising. Even eBay has been a huge disappointment. Sales are WAY down! Even posting vintage items from the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s means little anymore. I post some items with little or no competition yet, bids and/or offers are zero. Never tried Ecrater or Webstore or any other site besides eBid. I saw a seller, with over 18,000 listings on eBid, whose feedback is 7! How depressing is that? Do I want to spent 4 months listing 10,000 items & get 3 sales? Sellers need to join together and pick one or two eBay alternatives before we can make a difference. Ebid or Webstore seem the best options. We don’t need 50 auction sites. Right now I only use the free listings that eBay offers. 100 a month & the promotions for 5-days of freebies. I have several ads on Kijiji. Never tried Craigslist but, heard Kijiji is more popular. Internet selling isn’t what it used to be. Wonder if it will make a comeback? Good luck to all! -Doug.

    • I am currently using ecrater and ebid, i’ve had on avg 40 sales a month on ecrater but ebid I’ve only sold 10 items in 8 mos. I’d say give ecrater a try.

  23. OK!What i see is everyone is on the same page but no one can choose an alternative??lets pick one and blow it up.everybody go there.use social media to build the hype and wallah! new sight with traffic! not to mention lower fees and a blessing to the founders of their sight to new heights.i do car parts so i am not sure what will be the best for me.i am game to anything but ebay!

  24. Besides the haughty treatment expressed by those mad at eBay and PayPal: Both contribute to the culture of death via Planned Parenthood. Surprised? Reason enough for me to look for alternatives. There’s always donating old items to charity and the local flea market…

  25. You should just open your own store. Avoid all the problems with auction sites, avoid the fees, their rules and all the other BS. The upfront costs are about $175 for the software and you can get hosted for under $20 for the year. You submit your products to Google directly and be your own boss. A great site is PrestoStore. Its a flat rate of $29.95 and they cover your Google Shopping Fees. Never had a problem with them, never had any downtime, maybe 1 or 2 times in the past 4 years. And the guys are always answering support questions.

    Ran a site for 5 years straight and did my own web engine and sitemaps. In the matter of 5 months, PrestoStore got us the same traffic that I ran my site for 5 years, so i’ll close the 5 year store and kept them. So between the $29.95 a month fee and the Google Shopping fees they pick up, its a good deal. They have both offline and online bulk edit tools and your site is customizable. They submit daily to Google. You cant beat the price. Try it out for a few months, you dont like it close it and go your own way. But for what you pay in commission fees with these auction sites vs a flat rate of $29.95 for unlimited products save yourself headaches.

    With your own online store, (1) you dont have to live by anyone else’s rules except yours (2) you dont have to worry about idiot buyers leaving negative feedback just because they want to get back at you (3) there are no commission fees (4) PrestoStore picks up your Google Fees (5) they have 3 or 4 ways of you doing quick updates to your product pricing and shipping rates – either download it via excel or the fields are spread right across the board for each product (6) your hosting for your website, your domain name, and your Google fees are all paid by PrestoStore – included in the $29.95. (7) their support always answers your emails and fixes things immediately.

    Been with them since 2010 would recommend, seriously you cannot go wrong with them. You’ll be happpy with them, if not you just cancel and just let the end of the month run out. But they are good people.

  26. Hi Folks,

    I have found a portal which is much better than eBay and other service providers, as they will design and develop your own store with FREE SEO booster

    check this out http://ecommerce.pacerr.com or http://mystore.pacerr.com

  27. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to manage all of these sites? Is there something like TurboLister that works with more than 1 of these sites? I would like to build a listing and then send it to multiple sites without having to go to each site and enter manually… Also want to track cost and sales vrs fees in one place.

  28. Hi, i am currently looking for a site other than EBAY to sell my items… preferably i would like an auction site that is not just for fixed priced items. If anyone could give me an idea that would be great! I sell a lot of different genres of items.

  29. Yeah. I certainly agree with people about EBay and PayPal. I like to think of both of them as legal crooks because they both get away with ripping people off. They charge for every little transaction like returns. Please let’s all band together and stop EBay and PayPal in their tracks.

  30. Ebay is becoming a place where only resellers can have any kind of business… the rest of us are just out of luck and are forced back to garage sales and Craig’s List – I need a better site!! So many of the alternative ebay sites just don’t seem to have the traffic???

  31. Another alternative is auction1.co.uk it’s a completely free auction site no fees what so ever

  32. Id like to make this clear. U r wrong. Webstore.com is 100% free. The verification process is optional. U dont have to pay $10 to get verified. I think webstore is the best ebay alternative

  33. After selling on Ebay for 6 years with nearly perfect feedback I had 2 low star ratings and Ebay restricted my account “indefinetaly”!!! Wow!! Are you kidding me?? I called and couldnt even understand their explaination….it was son conveluted! Anyways, Ebay has totally made it impossible for good sellers because their expectation are way out of the realm of reality. They allow bullying buyerz to lie just to get THEIR way and sellers are always the underdog.

    I just started on Poshmark (app based) which is ok so far but alot more haggeling. Its not auction stule and only set prices. Also you can leave your item listed for however long you want without having to relist it. But the commission fees are really high at 20% ! I will see how it goes but still looking for another option.

  34. Hi Everyone,

    For those of you that haven’t heard of it, inSelly is an instagram based market place that is quick and easy to use. To upload your items to the inselly site all you have to do is add the #inselly hashtag to your items on instagram. You can then sign into inselly.com using your instagram account information. From there you can start pricing and selling your items. I have been using this site for a few weeks now and have already had a sale. And best part – it’s free of any commissions and fees. Cant wait until their app release.


  35. I don’t like EBay because they will be on a newbies back like you stole something my account was suspended because they froze my paypal over a phone issue and then I could not refund and then got all this negative comments even though paypal finally refunded then they want me yo bring back a 33% rating they caused and I said no not happening. Then soon as I hung up suspended for life for saying no apparently the account could of sat there. If you don’t do what they want then you wrong and suspicious lol. Can’t stand EBay or paypal. Paypal will restrict you too and keep your money. They hate new people yeah they do. They are awful no second chances if you new and don’t know no better. If you new walk on tip toes they are mean. Then they let the Chinese sell crap nothing said about that oh I no why they sell dirt cheap and they sell by the thousands. EBay need to move to china they sure don’t like US people.

  36. We would love to have you on vFlea.com

    Come on over and let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you,
    Team vFlea

  37. […] are plenty of alternatives to eBay, so don’t start thinking that site is the only one worthy of your attention. Selling via auction […]

  38. Hello — please someone advise best place to sell electronics that work, need little work, last longer than the iphoneX. Looking for a place that is kind to unemployed, deployed, understanding the ploys. Please make suggestions soon! Love to all.

    • We would love to have you on vFlea.com

      Come on over and let us know if you have any questions.

      Thank you,
      Team vFlea

  39. Sites That List to Google Shopping
    1. BluJay (100% Free)
    2. Webstore ($10 you have to get verified via mail) (lots of deadbeat buyers)
    3. MyStore.com ($2.99 a month for premuium 3.5% per transaction – very limited in seller interface)
    4. Dealscube.com (5% + they hold $20 upfront – Slow to get your seller account started)
    5. EBid.net (2% plus monthly $6.99 cheapest – avoid lifetime membership – no BIN deadbeats bound to happen)
    6. Ecrater (3.5% will shut you down immediately for even having a typo in in your policies – no joke)
    7. Best way —> open your own online store and submit to Google Shopping (its not expensive) you are your own boss and you choose the way you do business without anyone elses policies, buyers leaving negative feedback. Would cost you about $225 in start up between the online store software and hosting

    • Your 7 options are not the best options, they are the only options you have because you have been suspended from all of the other reputable sites.

      Search Alexa.com for Etsy.com, Bonanza.com, and see who is getting the traffic. Those are the true alternatives.

      • Traffic HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. The success of your items are clearly 2 factors : (1) how popular your item is and (2) how do buyers look for products. People go to Google Shopping or some other comparison shopping service. They are not going to do a raw search for the item they are looking for and spend 20 minutes trying to find the best price after going to 10 to 15 sites. They go to a price comparision site, type in the item they are looking for and then sort it by cheapest. And they go to that site. Traffic doesnt mean anything. If your product is searchable on these types of sites and your product is in demand, people are going to do to you.

    • Your info about eCrater.com is wrong it only costs 2.9% on order that come from their marketplace, if a buyer goes to your free store directly there’s no fee. Ebay shut my 3 year old account down for a couple bad feedback’s that I didn’t deserve, they said I was to much of a risk! I found Ebid and Ecrater, listed on both of them back in November and I’ve only had 6 order from Ebid but I’m doing great on Ecrater. I have almost 200 listings, on average I get 35-40 order a month and getting more every month. I’m not sure why you were shut down but I’ve never had a problem with them. Also I think your info about Dealcube.co is wrong also cause I tried them also and I never had $20 held by them. I do agree having your own website is a great idea and I have tried it, the problem is getting traffic to your site. Good luck!

    • I agree about your #7 option. Have you ever tried to sell on your own website? Not easy even with google on your side. People tend to go directly to the big name sites to search for item’s. Only 10%, give or take, search google for product. I have tried on my website and it was a waste of time.

  40. I sold on ebay from 2000 to April 2013. I used to have a huge store on eBay and was making $$$ on it but apparently a customer accused my goods as stolen and eBay shut my account down about a year ago. Ebay are such liars and mismanaged at least with my experience. One they accused me of selling used stolen goods that I sold for $12. Two Because so many of my listings were created in 2000, the listings could not be transformed to the current format so the only way to make it compatible was to shut all my stuff down. Three Ebay wanted proof of where all my items were purchased with receipts. So I faxed all of the receipts to eBay and they lost the paperwork. Four: Their Top Rated Status and Feedbacks are all BS and flawed. I knew this was the case when sellers could no longer leave a negative feedback for buyers! eBay reinstated my account in August but 2 weeks later shut all of my accounts down because they were affiliated with my paypal account. Their reason: “We see that you had problems with buyers in 2002 with your attached accounts to paypal”. Geez give it a rest. That was 11 years ago from 2013. Anyhow I’ve found a new site: Bonanza.com . It is a slow site but I look at it in the long run (4 to 5 years). Bonanza listings are easy and quite a variety of categories. I like the $25 gold subscription. I’ve sold 30 items since last September as I am constantly loading the site. Had I known that ebay was going to take my stuff down, I would’ve uploaded all my stuff on this site. I do hope that sellers start getting off of eBay and start selling elsewhere, maybe ebay should get rid of John Donohoe!

    • Ebay is the thief. I have been buying and selling since the mid 1990’s. They protect buyers and don’t care about sellers. Their CS folks are automatons and are not allowed to actually listen to the folks that call with concerns.

      Insanity rules ebay and paypal.

  41. Your list is comprehensive and helped me find a better alternative to eBay. However, I have to take note of your caveat with eBid.

    You stated you find it odd that eBid runs off of ebid.net and not ebid.com. Your logic is flawed. eBid.com has been registered to Rick Schwartz in Boca Raton, Florida since 1996 (public record from whois search) and appears to be in his name until at least 2022. Since eBid (the service) has only been in business since 1998 (based on a quick Google search). No matter what eBid (the service) wants to do, they have to acquire ebid.com from the owner of the domain.

  42. EBAYs rules and performance standards are crazy. And if you don’t meet the standards they get to sit on your money. What gives them the right to do that? They basically tell you how to run your business. One of the items I sold I always shipped priority mail. The customers liked getting the item quickly and reliably even if the shipping was a little more. New standards go in and I am told I am charging too much for shipping. Its my business, what business do they have telling me what I should charge to ship? I always thought that the customers determined the success of a business. I just love the fact that I got tons of great feedback from customers, but ebay decided I am not up to standard. Complete horseshit. It just gives them a method of getting more of your money.

  43. I have had it with eBay – nothing but chinese crap. Etsy changed their searches so I went from selling something every day, to selling something once a year. Etsy also allows commercially made products like tribal earrings to be sold and will not remove them – probably because the person works for etsy. How’s that fair to everyone else?

    Amazon charges way too much in fees.

    I ended up on a US based site goflystar.com. I have already sold some things. Yes they are a young site, but what attracted me to them is that they give a portion of their profits to autism treatments, besides the fact that they’re US based. I like supporting US made.

    They do not charge fees for listing or a percentage of your profits either.

  44. The bottom line is to stear clear away from marketplace places that dont advertise on Google Shopping. Its a total waste of time and you have to do all the footwork for very little sales. Sites like EBid and BluJay are the best ones. They allow you to sell, but with EBid there’s no immediate payment required. Have found sites such as Bonanza and Webstore.com to lie to your faces about problems. Ebid and BluJay are straight forward and EBid has some nice seller tools. 2% commission and $6.99 a month. Stay away from the lifetime membership from Ebid.

    • Could try http://www.pound2sell.com

      New, so not much traffic but costs are zero at the minute so worth a try and you can list up to 2 months for free and no selling fee.

    • I keep reading not to get the lifetime membership on Ebid why is this? I did finally switch to it recently instead of the monthly plan, but I got it at a discounted price because they deducted the payments I already had made from the cost of the lifetime. At the time it seemed to be the better deal, I think it equaled to paying 3 or 4 monthly fees for a lifetime. I have noticed I haven’t had any new orders since I signed up, but I was only getting 1-2 a month before now I’m wondering if that’s why the sales have stopped. I have much better luck on Ecrater.com every month my sales go up.

  45. Paying 10% of shipping to Ebay is bs and should be illegal.
    However,I know why they do it.
    I used to see items worth say $130.00 and would probably cost $10-15 to ship.
    So,they would have a $.99 auction with $150.00 shipping fee.
    Then they would only have to pay a fee for the $.99.
    That practice was getting quite common.
    I just sold an item for
    $240.00 and between Ebay and PayPal,$32.00 in fees.
    They have made themselves silent partners.
    Not only that,but I have 100% positive feedback after 10-12 years and they are making me wait 21 days for my money.???????????????
    When I get my money,I’m gone!!
    Good luck to all.

    • They should be sewed for every dime. They make lame excuses to restrict people accounts. They are getting away with it as longs as we sit back and do nothing.

    • E-Bay started the 10% shipping fee to discourage sellers from using shills to bump up bids and letting them off the hook if their shills won the auction. My dear brother wanted me to shill for him and other sellers who returned the favor on my auctions as long nobody had to honor a winning bid. I never did and all of those sellers switched to free shipping after the 10% fee was instituted.

    • I know in the beginning they make you wait, but the impression that I got is that… that time period was shortened after a good track record was logged. BUT…. if you still have to wait after so many years, then it can only be for one reason, they are making the money on the interest on said money a few more days than is necessary.After all, it is your money, not paypal’s..


    • I actually talked to a customer rep in the Philippines one day, but I could actually understand her. She told me that she sold on eBay too and was currently under seller restriction because of a low DSR. I actually gave her some advice on pumping up her good score by contacting each successful sale she had accumulated to request them to leave her good feedback and excellent DSRs.

      Which, by the way, I wish the upper echelon at eBay had all of their DSRs stuffed where the sun doesn’t shine. At least they have finally recognized their destructive, demoralizing DSR policies and are changing it in August 2014. It’s about time!

      • I thank you for your information. I feel that there must be another way to get things sold, if e – bay is “more powerful than the sword” so to speak. It just cannot be that hard to help the seller as well as the buyer. I hope they wise up at e – bay..


  48. Hi,
    did anyone read about Bonanza? My question is about their ebay capabilities. They can import your ebay listings and they can send your bonanza listings to ebay. Why would ebay let their competition do this? Are they really the competition or ebays answer to fixed item listings? If they are in bed with ebay, won’t the fees just escalate when they get popular, just like ebays did?
    I was hoping the staff writer of this article may have some insight.

    • DO NOT USE BONAZA they will stab you in the back. Their support will deliberately lie to you about things you know they made the problems from. They will alway side by with the buyer. If a buyer says I didnt get my item, your seller account will be restricted. Instead of these morons telling the buyer to contact the seller, they email them with every single piece of information to call paypal and file a chargeback. Bonanza will make you look like a theif just to save their own butts. They will charge your credit card left and right for charges that arent even due. Marc is a true meaning of he word scumbag! He is paranoid and if he cant charge your card 50 cents, he will shut your account down immediately. If any buyer complains you have no recourse to state your case your permentely blacklisted. We would try Ebid, BluJay – blujay being the best because its free. You want something with an immediate payment required because if you dont have that feature you’ll get alot of deadbeats. And you want a marketplace that submits to Google Shopping, the ones that dont are just a waste of time.

      • This is a BIG LIE, Bonanza always supports the Seller.I have been selling with them for 4 long years. And i think this the True alternative to ebay.just give them time.

        • After getting restricted on eBay for the last five out of six months, I started searching other alternatives. I have had surprisingly good success on Bonanza so far. The policy makers at eBay must have been imbibing in plenty of the green grass when they decided how to treat their sellers. Nothing but insulting, unfair and immoral…

        • Obviously Bill = marc. True or false the only way you got rated on ecommercebytes was the fact that you made people take yoru stupid survey instead of letting people vote for themsevles. You can google bonanza.com and find pages upon pages of people who had gotten scammed because this site and sellers who Bonanza screwed over to save their own butts.

          The fact that you try to blame other people for why things go wrong and you deliberately lie to your own sellers. When problems happen with Google and you wonder why things arent listed, its all because you! You deliberately lie and deflect anything that goes wrong because of what you did. You did it with your sellers and you do the same exact thing with buyers when they contact you in regards to an issue.

  49. In internet appered a new Online Marketplace – BonnyBuy.com

  50. i am trying to advertise an auction site that i am on but my messages arent showing

  51. why arent my messages showing up on here ?

  52. MOMTraders


    A family site offering a free ecommerce store to buy and sell at your leisure. MOMTraders provides sellers with a way to clean out their closets and garages and earn some cash.

    Genlty used local items is what you will find in the marketplace at MOMTraders.

    •Format: Fixed Price.
    •Fees: $12.95 per month subscription fee. FREE for the first year!
    •Payment Processor: PayPal

  53. As a buyer (and future seller)I have been looking for EBay and Amazon alternatives.
    However, I have to warn that Bitdefender does not allow me to go to sellthat.net
    Have no idea why but something must be wrong. J.

  54. sorry i havent

  55. Has anyone had any experience with invaluable auctions? invaluable.com
    I stumbled upon it but don’t know anything about it. Selling or buying.

    • I don’t think invaluable.com is an auction site. They are what use to be artfact.com. You set up searches and they tell you where the item you are searching for is on auction. Their subscriptions can get kind of pricey. I was subscribed to them for a while. Decent site if you are researching their archives trying to get an idea what something is worth. Hope this helps.

  56. I started using eCrater.com a few months ago, because Ebay limited my account to 10 items a month. At 1st I only got a few orders, but every month my sales have increased and I’m making way more money than on Ebay cause the fee’s are so cheap. I also use Ebid but haven’t had much luck, only a couple orders a month. Dealscube.com is another site I’ve tried but no sales yet.

  57. Also check out Justparts.com same as ebay motors just 5% fee for sold items only, no other fees, I sell alot on ebay motors not selling with these guys.

  58. Need to know where the best place to sell clothing other than ebay. I had my account go onto paypal restrictions on Feb 22, because of my 3 month standing in the detailed seller area, item description to be exact. I had 4 in that time for 398 items sold. That put me at 1.03%, then today they indefinitely restricted my account. They are the worst company I have ever had to deal with. Has anybody had any luck selling clothes on these other sites.

  59. If you are based in the UK then you would include Nochex.com as one of the top PayPal alternatives.

  60. Another site worth checking out that has much to offer is sellthat.net.

    Free listings, 3.25% fees on sold items, every member has a self managed site for selling, payments are immediate to PayPal account and NO MONTHLY FEES.

    sellthat.net is your online marketplace
    BUY, SELL and TRADE from anywhere.

    • How are the traffic on sell that.com? I’m looking for a great site as well. Ebay screws a lot of people.

  61. Screw ebay and their sister Paypal as well. Made those scumbags plenty of money, made Top Rated Plus Seller on 2 accounts and Power Seller on one. They are way too controlling and need to gt a reality check on how they treat the people making money for them. They let all these foreign sellers and cheap jewelry sellers get away with hundreds of negatives in their feedback…but guess what? eBay doesn’t give them a hard time because that junk those sellers are selling are making eBay and Paypal a mint. Ebay’s customer service has gone down the drain as well. Their resolution is really stinking these days as well. Bottom line, I am looking for any and all alternatives to eBay!

  62. I thought the whole point of the Internet was that it meant more competition, a level playing field, lower prices etc – but actually it’s created giant international monopolies with too much power – Ebay, Amazon, Google etc. When is the competition going to kick in and give more choice, lower prices, better service etc?

    • Dean a new site in the UK called pound2sell.com would like to invite anyone to list their items & until 31/3/2014 it’s free to list and sell. After that date it’s back to just £1 to sell and list anything plus this includes up to 12 photo’s per item if you need them.

      • Come on Over to sellthat.net

        We will not charge you a listing 0r selling fee for 30 days

        Tell your friends

  63. After 13 years of selling on eBay my account was restricted to 100 items and 5k a month or which ever comes first. That restriction went on my account on Feb 3rd. I had already sold 72 items. Took me 5 hours!!!!! On the phone to get my item limit increased to 1000 but they would not budge on the dollar limit. Wtf!!!!! I sell high dollar items. I usually reach $5000 by the middle of the month. I just don’t understand this restriction¿??? The more money I make the more eBay makes… so why restrict me??? I’ve been trying other sites.. Etsy bonanza, etc but they have such low traffic. I was told it was because my recent high rate of cases against me. I’ve had 3 cases in the last 90 days out of over 2000 transactions…. I guess that’s too many. Mind you all 3 cases were decided in my favor.. EBay had just gone nuts

    • I agree ebay is now a ridiculously stupid and thieving company and so is paypal

      • I am doing the same. Looking for an alternative to Ebay and Paypal..they have grown too big for their britches…

  64. Yes Ebay and their buddy PayPal truly do Suck but ya can’t beat em’. Just play the game and try to screw them whenever you can just like they do to you. If you ever get them to talk to you, take your phone and stick it down your pants. I know! it sounds stupid but it really is a lot of Fun and it makes you feel better. Then just go on about your way and keep on selling. I guess that’s why they call it Work…

    • hi there, I have some clothing I need to sell. Can you suggest ways to me on not getting ripped off?

    • Hello, I’m back!.. Ebay just pulled all of my auctions (60 or so) BECAUSE my rating was too low. GTFO!..They say I do not Communicate enough. I told them i am not here to make friends i am here to SELL and I do $39,000. in the last few month. I ship in 1 to 3 days, pack the shit out of stuff, but I just can’t make friends. They held close to $2000 of my money in paypal more than once for 21 days( nice savings account just no interest) and now i am allowed to sell 0 items and 0 dollars and they will get back to me in 90 days.

      • rt61junkie hey bud im getting ready to join 4sites ho in the orld did u make that much money/ what did u sell I need help im a disabled vet please!

  65. After selling on E bay for 12 years and having a power seller status Ebay decided to restrict my selling because my husband’s own personal E bay account has a strike against it. Totally seperate accounts and info, including different bank accounts. After waiting for about 40 mins on hold to talk to someone I was told there is nothing that can be done until my husband clears up his situation. I’ve had it!!! There was no talking to them. Either they are using me to make my husband fix his account or i’m a complete liar and opened a second account. (which I did not) That makes absolutely no sense w/ E bay’s crazy new rules and restrictions to new users. Anyhow an alternative would be fantastic and some of these listed are worth looking intol

    • Hi, Lisa. had the same experience with you. it was clearly written that you can have 2 or more accounts as long as you use 2 diff emails. but still they restrict me from selling on all of my accounts. and the the funny thing is that they don’t even let me close my account.

    • Lisa, I have been on ebay 15 years and suddenly when some scumbag buyers gave me bad feedback, they put holds on my money in paypal. You can’t talk with them, they just keep saying its your fault, do better and make the customer happy. These buyers had bought things than said “not as described” would not return the item, finial did return–wrong item. Still they won. I have left ebay and paypal and am looking for a new home also.

      • Same here. They all of a sudden are making me wait for PayPal payment!

      • I have been sellig with Ebay for about a year and they say my seller ratings are too low. I have a current case open for not as described. These were nnearly new infant shoes. They were in excellent condition the only thing was they may have smelled of smoke but that was mentioned in the ad. Now seller ratings are below their par and my funds are on hold. I am fed up with high fees and NO SELLER SUPPORT!! I need a new site with lower fees to sell my items. Which is the best site?

        • Ebay has gone to the dogs. Buyers indiscriminately leave bad feedback with no cause, I’m done with their bs.

        • Hi Ranna,
          just started listing on BidStart.com. What I like about the site is that it is not a fly by nite. It is run by Stanley Gibbons which have been in the Stamp and Coin business since 1859.
          anything has to be better thaneBay

        • See that is so shady. I just came back to ebay, with a new name, new account. So far I have an Above Standard rating. But I am restricted for selling too many items in one category. What?

      • They seem to support chinese sellers with thousands of negatives. Bloody friggin weird. There is no logic other than the desire to earn money for themselves and even that is not really true.
        I’m surprised that the folks, sellers, that make them ALL their money are not supported in all ways.

    • I have been an eBay member since 1998. I started another account and they are giving me a hard time now. I made Power Seller on one and Top Rated Plus Seller on both. After listing several items on the new account, they want me to fax them receipts for the Barbie dolls I had listed! I told them to check Paypal and look at the purchases. Well, some alphabet soup name wrote to me and said that. “someone merely leaving feedback for you is not a proof of purchase.” I wrote them back and told them my plan, which was to buy on one and sell on the other account so my potential buyers wouldn’t know what I paid for them. They sent me another email stating that wasn’t good enough! So, long story shorter…they put a hold on that account! Now here is the message I receive when I log in to that new account:


      We’ve noticed some activity on your account, and we need your help in verifying some information. We’re sorry for this inconvenience, but while we’re working things out with you, you’ll have limited access to list new items on eBay.

      Please proceed to your my eBay and follow the steps outlined in the email we sent you. Thanks for your attention to this matter!



      I called them again…and the non-American speaking individual said, “No problem..we will appeal for you on your behalf and we will get you up and going again, blah-blah-blah…”

      Well, 5 minutes later, I receive another email stating this:

      Hello [eBay user name],

      A review of your eBay account has raised some concern that your use of services may not meet the guidelines in eBay’s User Agreement. As a result, we’ve taken the following action on your account:

      – Selling privileges have been temporarily restricted. You won’t be able to list new items. You’re also not allowed to register a new account.

      – Some or all of your listings may have been removed. A list of any removed items will be listed further down in this email.

      – We have credited all associated fees except for the final value fee for your listing(s).

      To appeal this restriction, you will need to:

      – Resolve any open issues associated with your previous account:

      — To verify your registration information, you must contact us from the email address that was used to create your previous account. Once we hear from you, we will provide you with the steps necessary to address any concerns. – Resolve the outstanding issues with your related PayPal account.

      — To resolve your PayPal dispute or case, log in to your PayPal account and click Resolution Center at the top of the page.

      — You can view the status of any open dispute or claim from here.

      Once these requirements have been met, please reply to this email and we will begin the appeal process. Also, please be aware that we may ask you to provide additional information to appeal this restriction.

      Update: Nothing has been done to fix the account! Oh, the very next day I receive this. How kind of them:

      Dear Alfie,

      Congratulations! You’ve achieved Top Rated seller status, meeting eBay’s US seller performance standards. To make buyers aware of your commitment to customer service, eBay will identify you as a Top Rated seller. You are also now eligible to opt-in to eBay’s new managed returns process.


      This was/is my only source of income and they are screwing around with peoples’ lives! I want to be done with these controlling a**holes already.

      • I have been on ebay and paypal since their 1st years and both have spiraled so far down hill that they are totally out of touch with reality.

        They are both just greedy.

  66. Hey just got tired of ebays fee’s and there rude customer services. I have made ebay way to much money for them to treat me like crap. I sell alot of vintage toys, and vintage farm stuff such as glass milk bottles all the way to Coins farm tractor sports literature PRIMATIVE’s. I was wondering what would be a good option for me as a Seller.

    • I’m tryin some things out myself and looking into alternatives too . I like everything antique but sell mostly bicycle parts / outboard motor & chainsaw parts . Maybe if they had some seller loyalty and less greed , ebay would be better but , doubt that’ll happen ….

  67. Ebay does suck . It’s all buyer sided and without us sellers , there would be no buyers . No proof needed in resolution cases / etc . If we all pulled together , they would tumble ! And I’d be happy to be a part of it !!!

    • I have been hearing this for years. I wish people would really put their foot down and put those crooks out of business or at least humble them becasue they really are not getting the message.

      • Yep.
        Had to refund a buyer for a “big-ticket” item just because of some stupid misunderstanding. I was only doing my best.

        • Thanks. I already have started a few alternatives to eBay. They are getting out of hand with their controlling issues. They are a bunch of greedy bastards.

          • Understand Humans ; Ebay is not the same company as they were when Meg Whitman ran it. They want to be the new amazon, and don’t care about small feedback customers. Large book feedback sellers use ghost accounts, bid, don’t pay and try to make you quit. Its like a mob, if your not it, your out.

          • There is one I have just found ,they only charge $1 per sale ,no monthly fees ,unlimited listing and they do use paypal but I sent them an email and they said they will be introducing other types of payments soon.also buyers can search for items by city,country or post code.
            worldbrandzonline.com you can try them.

        • Me too. all ebay and paypal said was that if I want to use their service I must follow all their policies even when that policy is impossible to follow such as when shipping is normally over 45 days to a particular destination. there are many countries that take up to 3 months for items to be shipped there when buyer will only pay for ground rates.

          Asylum is being run by the inmates there.

          • eBay forums are the good way to learn how to deal with it, from sellers personal experience: international air shipping only, if cost prohibitive, do not ship there. Or try alternative marketplace, simultaneously with eBay, to see if there will be sales.

    • Agree 100%. Ebay have been slowly destroying sellers. Started with banning negative feedback for bad/fraudulent/non-paying buyers. Then automatically siding with buyers in disputes, regardless of the actual facts. Now throwing out thousands and thousands of sellers for ‘poor customer service’ based on their stupid DSR star system.

      No common sense or intelligence in their customer service department. No-one actually checks facts in dispute cases. I’ve been suspended indefinitely after 12 years selling, 50,000 feedback at 99.7% lifetime. Spent over $100,000 in Ebay and Paypal fees. But this counts for nothing. The Indian call centre customer service department isn’t allowed to help.

      • This is a complete shame – you’d think they’d appreciate what you’ve done for them! Sorry to hear about that – I really am.

      • Yes same here been member since 01 and they suspended my account for 12 months and I have 895 fb at 100% .Fees keep going up and they only care about the buyers and not the sellers I saw this when they removed the sellers right to leave negative feed back to the dead beat buyers years ago.

      • A similar experience. 17 years 100% customer rating. 3 bad reviews and now my house is on the market. They arbitrarily limited my listings to less than half – listing that had taken me months to prepare. They wouldn’t even listen to my customers when they apologized for a bad review, which 2 of 3 voluntarily did after getting their products. Both offered to pay what I had refunded. These reversals were totally unsolicited by me but ebay would not even consider restoring my rating and my listings. Unbelievable. If anyone comes up with a class action suit, I am in.

  68. I have just listed something for £270.00 and the E bay and paypal fees are nearly £50.00 I am definitely going to find an alternative.

    They are excessive fees they’ve got too big for their BOOTS I am going to leave them, and I encourage others to follow, please.

    • I agree…EBay are crooks! Their fees keep skyrocketing and they have all kinds of hidden fees (listing fee, final value fee, monthly activity fee….) on and on! It’s about time someone knocks them off their high horse!

      • I haven’t sold on eBay for a few years now and am NOW beginning to have problems with buying, mostly with Paypal BS. After more than 12 years on eBay with 100% feedback and suffering the PayPal crap. I am quitting.

        • I am with you. I sold on ebay for 14 plus years and they have now suspended my account…paypal and ebay work in tandem and I think that was what broke the camel’s back for me. I am now looking for an alternative to both..any ideas??

          • Same here… and on like my 3rd account, this one had 1200 100% feedback + and one negative and they shut me down.

          • I’m done with eBay too – buyers have the reins there and the sellers are what is paying for the overheads etc. There is absolutely no protection for sellers no matter what they say! I think there are alot of people looking for alternatives. I’ve just signed up with eBid.net – they’re offering $50 free listings and free everything for LIFE. I’ve paid almost $500/month to eBay and PayPal for about the past year in fees – so $50 for life sounds good to me!!!

          • Hi reading all the eBay comments I feel like I am not the only one going nuts. Just did my taxes and between eBay and PayPal I paid over 7500.00 dollars in fees. I cannot stand this anymore. The buyer abuse the fees the rules the insanity of it all. I actually hate my business which I have been in first as a retail store and now on line completely for the last 3 years. I have been selling on eBay also for over 18 years but I am getting sick over this.
            I sell fine antique dolls art dolls doll house products and fine teddy bears.
            It is not worth my time and effort anymore. I really do not know what to do I still have bills to pay and I still have lots of inventory but I hate my life and I hate being forced to continue with this corporate glutton. I have my own web site too but no traffic unless I pay Google too.
            Thanks for listening seems like I have good company. I have grown to hate eBay and that us effecting my entire life.
            Very depressing

      • I am leaving ebay and looking for an alternative to paypal. I believe paypal is owned by ebay now as the both have insane policies. and all in favour of unscrupulous buyers. seems like the asylum is being run by the inmates there

        • Yes, they are out of control. They suspended my account, reopened it, and then closed it again after 8 months. I had 100% feedback and good customer service. They won’t admit their mistakes. They would rather shut me down. Said it should not have been reopened. I have a couple thousand dollars in products I don’t know what to do with.
          I have not had a problem with PayPal. I have an account with Bonanza, try them. Fees are fair, but sales are a little slow. I wish all the eBay haters would go to Bonanza.

    • After two sales on eBay and PayPal using my money, the hidden fees that a corporate Atty would not understand, I’m right behind you.

  69. Amazon is starting to get on my nerves. They used to be reputable for paying their sellers on time. I had to wait a more than four weeks before they finally released my funds into my account. I definitely need more research on alternatives to Ebay or Amazon. Great article.

    • Amazon is too expensive, they make more of of my sales than I do.

    • I used to sell stickers on ebay. I had over 1,400 positive feedbacks….99.4% one day ebay said they saw suspicious information and linked my account to another account and suspended me. I appealed and they denied my appeal. BANNED FOR LIFE. I was selling upwards of $800 A DAY in stickers. sometimes they would get 50 bids and sell for $65.00 EACH. it was a gold mine. I designed my own. I have tried Amazon and a few others…..nothing. I am determined to find my glory days. I was making $15,000 a month. I pray someday another site comes around to sell my stickers.

  70. all the sites no traffic

    • i agree the problem with any sight other than ebay is NO TRAFFIC! I need to sell about $30,000 worth of parts no way i can afford the fees ebay charges.i have been selling on ebay since 1996 off and on.I stopped in 2005 due to the fees.i now have another lot of stuff to turn and the fees are even more for less.I am disgusted and wish i had knowledge to open a new sight. i would only charge you a dollar to list and no fees.The spirit of greed across the globe is a sign of the times.

  71. http://www.ecrater.com

    it is free , very good traffic.
    OPTIONAL final sale fees ( 3% I think ) and it does actually works, i.e. I have 2 dozen sales through it

    • I tried them for 8 months, no sales, no questions…nada
      Also… their shipping matrix is very complicated, makes absolutely no sense to me.

  72. In my opinion http://www.storenvy.com is a great outlet to sell. They even download 20 items from your Etsy store for free when you start. great support from the community and face book group. Everything free of charge. You just have to pay your Pay Pal fees.

    • Paypal has facilitated theft and the “buyer protection” is absolute bullmanure,

      I purchased and paid for a product, expecting what was pictured (there was no disclamer otherwise). I received a piece 1/25 as much and not near enough to do my job. I requested the seller send the product pictured and he became rude, daring me to make negative comments to ebay as if they did not matter.

      I opened a “case” with Paypal, who sent a return label. I sent the product back to the seller within 2 days.

      Now I have received a “decision” from ebay/paypal that they are NOT returning my money.

      “BUYER PROTECTION” ……….IS OUTRIGHT FRAUD. I have neither product or my money returned.

      On Monday I report THEFT to my State Police naming the seller, ebay and paypal.

  73. All these sites have good and bad so I will leave comments down below about the sites you should know about:

    ebid: High Annual Fee $50 to $100
    iOffer: Great looking site, but hardly any traffic. Had some items listed for 6 months and no questions or nothing on the items.
    vFlea: Only accepts Paypal. Horrible. Paypal AND Ebay sucks. If they accepted Checkout by Amazon or something else it would be the top dog here.
    Bonanza: Great site, but hardly any traffic. Advertising through Google Shopping doesn’t really help.
    Amazon: Awesome site, but restricts to 40 items unless you want to pay $30 to $50 a month.

    • The eBid fee is not an annual fee. It is a once only fee. As you get up to five free stores it looks a better bargain when you take into account the cost of a store every month on ebay.

      • The Amazon comment is inaccurate as well.
        Amazon advise that it is cheaper to go Pro if you sell 40 or more items a month rather than pay the 80p fee per item (when it sells) plus commission.

      • Comment About Bonanza : Stay the hell away from Bonanza. They will lie deliberately to your face, they will tripple charge your credit card and the second they cant charge 5 cents to it they suspend you. They will take a buyers word for it and never give you a chance to explain. Mark is a true scumbag!

        • this is a Big lie, Bonanza is the BEST

          • I’ve never had a problem with Bonanza. They have good services, the only issue is traffic. If all th EBay haters would go to Bonanza Fantastic!!!

          • Bonanza they are a bunch of thieves. They are paranoid idiots. You leave a credit card and if that moron Marc cant charge it he will suspend your account. You show him that the card is valid & show him recent charges on that card, he doesnt care. Bonanza will sell the sellers out to buyers instantly. They email the buyer in a way, to put the blame entirely on the seller and do in such a way to convince the buyer that the seller just defrauded them and it wasnt their fault. These these morons suspend you and you have pending sales be prepared to have a majority of your pending sales disputed by your buyers all beacuse of these idiots!

          • bonanza has been a success for me so far. i sell gaming computers off of the site and thats a tough sale on a site that does specialize in clothing and craft style items

          • they are thiefs charged my card 285.00 and i hadnt finished sighning up yet.

        • I 100% agree with you Mark.Stay away from bonanza they are stealer

    • Just for clarification on the only accepting PayPal. They are currently the only provider that allows for pay chaining so that when a users pays for the item the seller gets paid immediately and vFlea can subsequently get paid our low commission. This all happens seamlessly as the buyer completes the payment. As we continue to grow we will explore other payment options.

      The other reason we use PayPal is for their payment resolution. It has taken many coding hours to build vFlea and off loading some of these services helps us concentrate on enhancing this site.

      Also as a buyer you will not be required to have a PayPal account to purchase items just to sell items. We still use PayPal’s services to process the payment but the buyer will not need to create an account if they are not a PayPal member. (However, PayPal will ask you to create an account after 5 transactions are processed from the same email.)

      Thank you for the feedback positive/negative this helps us understand how we are perceived and gives us an opportunity to make corrections.

      If anyone has any further suggestions please email us at contact@vFlea.com.

      Thank you,

      • Hello vFlea , i have only been selling on E Bay for about 3 months but i am super fed up with all the hidden fees, i get 11% discount on my shipping but now they charge a shipping insertion fee which takes my savings right back,I am also so tired of not being able to understand the costumer service representative that can barely speak English.the pay pal fees i can deal with because they are not bad for the service they provide. the first item i sold was for $ 25.00, by the time all the fees were done i made $18.00,what a joke!I agree with all the comments about the E Bay crooks.I have a 100% feedback rating.I bend over backwards to make my customers happy.I am just sick over the fees that just keep stacking up faster than i can keep track of them. I may be new to the online selling world , but i am not stupid and i know when i am being ripped off and E bay is doing just that,ripping people off just to pay their over sized corporate payroll.I have researched a ton of sites and i like what i see in yours.I am going to come to your site and check you guys out.hopefully we can be new friends,and make money together.sincerly Alan London.

        • Hi, try Bonanza, their fees are reasonable.
          I was a seller on eBay, and because the customer services gave me some wrong information they suspended my account. I was frustrated because no one understands me, and I can’t understand them. So I end up screening at them every time because they don’t understand and give me wrong information. They said I couldn’t sell anymore on eBay. My friend said that I could appeal, so I waited 2 months and called again. Spoke to seller vetting told them everything and they agreed to reopen my account with seller restrictions. I was elated didn’t care about selling limits. Well…8 months later they closed my account for good, said it should not have never been reopened. They are out of control, they don’t care about people. All they are going to be left with are the china sellers

          • Tell me about it. I had an account for more than 3 years with 100% feedback. One day they tell me that my account has been suspended. When I called the rep told me that it was of suspicious transactions… I ask them what about it is suspicious, i sell and buy and have no complaints from anyone. Then they told me that my account was linked to a suspicious account. Again I asked them what account was it linked to, and they couldn’t tell me.. Really Ebay??!! They told me it was definite and I could not appeal! So I yelled at them to the rep and told him how ambiguos and stupid they were being.

          • I agree with y’all, Ebay is terrible. I am a new seller on there and it seems like they are screwing me every chance they get with the constantly changing policy regarding holding your paypal funds until the product is shipped and received. That may be ok for someone with an extra 100 bucks to spend on shipping fees every time your items sell. I mean I jumped through all the hoops over a year ago and got taken off that restriction… Then I stopped selling for a hot minute, came back and the restriction was back with new, bigger hoops for me to jump through. I call to get some resolution, have to sit on hold for over an hour, then have to wait another 24 just for a supervisor to yell in my face and treat me like I don’t know what I am talking about. As someone who worked in over-the-phone customer service for a year, I can safely say ebay has the worst customer service I have seen yet in my short lifespan

          • I’m on Bonanza and they are charging me an arm and a leg in fees. Yesterday I got a random $25 fee on my account, even after I cancelled my web store a month ago. Oh and don’t even bother with getting a store. Its ridiculous, no one even looked at it and they charged me now $50. I’ve only sold 3 items in 2 months but 2 of the 3 were Bonanza and 1 was Ebay. After all is said and done I’m $20 in the negative,

            I’m looking for somewhere else to go, but with ugly websites, little traffic, high fees, it really isn’t even worth the stress.

  74. Another site worth checking out that has much to offer is vFlea.com.

    Free listings, 3% fees on sold items only capped at $60, Referral program that pays for every item sold, every member has a self managed site for selling, payments are immediate to PayPal account and NO MONTHLY FEES.

    vFlea.com is your online Virtual Flea Market.
    BUY, SELL and TRADE from anywhere.

    • Thanks so much. you are awesome. Have you had success with this?

      • unfortunately vFlea uses paypal which is owned by ebay and uses the same stupid policies as ebay. We need a real alternative to paypal as well

        • agreed!

        • Paypal has severed ties with Ebay and is their own DBA enity now. Hopefully the traffic for vflea increases to be a TRUE and Viable alternative but right now there is no real alternative. Go Back to yard sales folks the tried and true. Ebay supports terrorist BTW!!

    • I have had no luck on Vflea, not a single sale, nothing. Vflea has no traffic due to no advertising. With only 1700 likes on facebook it is unlikely that this site will be an Ebay alternative. I have been looking for an alternative to Ebay and Amazon for a while now and none of the sites listed above have anywhere near the traffic to be a viable alternative.

    • Bonanza and the luxbay (ebid) are virtually invisible. Items listed on both at very good prices have no traffic after more than 60 days. Don’t believe the hype from them 2.

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